Many don't know what in the heck their doing...

Most photographers know the importance of blogging, 
but there's a huge problem...



They're WINGING IT without any strategy or know-how to actually get found on Google.

They "suck at it" (their words, not mine) and have NO IDEA how to get better.

They're feel overwhelmed with blogging and aren't using it EFFECTIVELY as a tool to grow their business.

Or even worse, they get stuck with what to write or how to blog in general, so they end up NOT BLOGGING at all.

Can you relate? Don't worry...I've found a fix for these problems.

Can you relate?
Don't worry...I've found a fix for these problems.

- introducing -

WHAT and HOW to blog to attract your dream clients straight from Google.



- 8 Email/post templates -

SEO Checklist

I'm starting you off with a YEAR'S WORTH of blog ideas!! I put together a system for you to use these ideas and add to them as you're brainstorming. Publishing a blog a week doesn't have to be hard! 

No need to worry about what to say in your email or social post when you share your blogs. I've got 8 fill-in-the-blank templates for you to use! One for Client posts, Client Tips posts, Vendor/Location Spotlights, and Personal posts!  

The main purpose of blogging is to get found on Google! How do we do that? With Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I included an SEO Checklist so you know exactly what you need to do for your blog to get found on Google.


Get my step-by-step checklist to use for every blog post! I'll walk you through exactly what you need to do from start to finish.

Once you're ready to share your blog posts on Pinterest, you'll need Pin graphics! To help take the stress out of it, I've included 4 Canva templates for you to use! Just plug in your blog info, change the photos and colors, and you're set!

I'm sharing the system I use to organize my own blog! We're huge fans of Trello because it's free and very visual. I'll even walk you through how to use this planner and adjust as you'd like to fit your business!

One of my favorite ways to write consistent, relevant content is using Content Buckets! Learn how to rotate your topics to cover all of your bases.

The BEST way to never run out of content is to keep a running list of questions your clients ask and pain points they encounter. This tracker will help a TON!!



PHOTOGRAPHERS: Stop letting your BLOGGING be your WEAKEST LINK! It's time to learn HOW to blog effectively (and stop guessing).

Stop letting your BLOGGING be your WEAKEST LINK! It's time to learn HOW to blog effectively (and stop guessing).

How would your PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS be different if you could...

Blog with CONFIDENCE...and dare I say, ENJOY IT!

Know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO to get Google on your side attracting those dream clients.

NEVER RUN OUT of ideas of things to blog about.

Pack your EMAIL LIST full of clients DYING TO WORK WITH YOU.

Finally have a REAL STRATEGY to more winging it!

Fill your calendar with DREAM CLIENTS that have been nurtured well and show up prepared.

Why should you trust me?

>>  I don't just teach this stuff...I USE it! I use this EXACT blogging system in every blog post we publish! (Don't worry, I'd never teach something that isn't something tried and true in my own business first.)

>> I have been where you are!! I remember that feeling of having no idea what I was doing with blogging. I was completely winging it, and wasn't seeing the results I wanted. There weren't many resources out there for blogging for photographers. I had to figure this thing out on my own through years of trial and error. (And thank goodness you can save yourself those hard years of learning!)

>> This system works for other real humans. It wouldn't be very helpful if it only worked for me, but no one else...I've taught dozens of other photographers how to blog using this same system. And it really works!!

>> I'm a NICE person! I'm a wife, a mommy, and a full-time youth pastor (who also happens to be a photographer and educator). I have a passion for encouraging and serving other photographers whenever I can. When you sign up for any of my courses, a cheerleader (ME) comes with it!

GET ACCESS TO THE blogging tool kit now!

Meet your instructor!


Photographer & Educator

Hey y'all! I'm Rebecca, a born-and-raised Texas girl who loves hot chocolate and could eat pizza every day! As a wife, a mom of two little ones, a full-time youth pastor, and a photographer and educator on the side, I sure keep myself busy!

My photography business has been such a blessing for my family. My heart and passion is to help other moms turn their hobby into a real, profitable business so they can be the mom-boss they want to be.

Lots of women are wondering where to even start. That's why we're here today! I created this 5-Day Challenge to guide you in the steps you need to take so your photography business (in the works, side gig, or full-time) can thrive, too! I'm more than just the girl behind the screen. I'm a real person who has been there and is ready to walk alongside you through this journey!

Ready? Let's get started!