This Mini-Course Will Teach You...

- Lightroom Sliders Overview: A great rundown of the ins and outs of Lightroom

- Face Swap: When one person not smiling is ruining the photo

- Remove a Person From Background: Because sometimes people get in your shot

- Remove Bags Under Eyes: To help freshen up your subject

- Enhancing With Brush Tool: Getting the smaller details

 - "Saving" a Photo: When settings and environment fail you

 - Split Toning: Adjusting colors based on their tone

 - Lightroom Labeling: To enhance your workflow

 - File Organization: My filing system revealed

BONUS - Edit With Me: I'll edit a full session for you to watch!


I share my screen so you can watch and learn step-by-step alongside of me. It's like I'm right there with you, guiding you in your editing journey!

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