visionary & Ceo - known as the 'Queen of mini sessions'

I’m the girl behind this whole thing! I’ve poured my heart and soul into building this business to love and serve photographers in any way I can. I’m sure I drive my team crazy sometimes with my big ideas, but hey! A girl’s gotta dream!

So many times the photography community can be so harsh! Everyone gets caught up in the competition and no one offers help. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and embracing community over competition.

meet the rrp team!


I couldn't do it without them

Meet the team


Integrator + dream Crusher

Kat is my right hand girl, the cheese to my mac. She helps take my big Visionary dreams and makes them happen! (Or tames me down when I’m out of control. Alternate title: “The Dream Crusher” the best way!!)

Tya is basically an extension of me! She loves on my student community like I do, communicates my thoughts better than me sometimes, and ROCKS a workflow like nobody’s business!

Director of Marketing


Tara is our people juggler! She masterfully manages our photography clients, associate photographers, culling team, editor, admin, and everyone in between! And she’s the queen of checklists. Yay for Trello!

Director of Operations for Associate Team


Daniel is my sweet husband, and favorite team member! (Sorry, team!) He helps us strive for excellence, and is the reason anything I put out sounds good. Fun Fact: He wrote and recorded my Podcast intro jingle just for me!

Audio Production

Mande is the do-er of all the things! She has incredible attention to detail, and helps make sure we serve our photography clients well. And her sarcasm and witt during full team calls is an added bonus!

Admin for Associate Team

Kristi is our customer support super star! If you’ve ever emailed us asking for help with something, odds are you’ve talked with Kristi! She's got a contagious smile and warm spirit, and is the perfect extension of me to serve our students!

Admin and customer support




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Behind the Lens is our BRAND NEW MEMBERSHIP program geared towards family photographers! Each month our members receive a behind-the-scenes video of me shooting a REAL family session. As a bonus, I also include an EXCLUSIVE MASTERCLASS each month teaching on business topics I don't teach anywhere else! As our MOST AFFORDABLE, value-packed educational resource in our shop, it's a no-brainer for anyone looking to level up their family photography game! Join me every month behind the lens.

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