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    Welcome to the Business Journey Podcast where host Rebecca Rice teaches photographers and business owners to navigate their business journey and find a life of financial freedom through a thriving, profitable business.

    As a wife, mom, and business owner, Rebecca knows the trials of trying to do all the things. It may not always be easy, but it CAN be done!

    Week after week, Rebecca brings helpful, practical teaching to inspire and equip photographers just like you. She'll cover everything from time management and goal-setting down to the nitty gritty of things like posing, marketing, and personal branding. 

    If you're ready to feel empowered, encouraged, and on fire for the things you truly love, then you're in the right place!

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    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |Transcript More Resources: Portrait Contract Template | Free Business & Marketing Class This is one of those topics that, although it’s not fun, is necessary. Especially as we head into a busy season you need to know how to set boundaries with difficult clients! After being in this industry for years I’ll just […]


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    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |Transcript More Resources: Live Webinar | Posing Workflow | Contract  Let’s talk about Mini Sessions! I’m doing a Mini Sessions Q & A from a thread in my Facebook group. There were tons of great inquiries so I’m taking the time to go through all your mini session questions and answer now!  I’m […]


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    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |Transcript More Resources: $3k Mini Sessions Blueprint | Portrait Contract | Questionnaire | Email Templates | Client Experience Guide| Dubsado Discount All month long we’ve been talking about our Christmas in July Minis Campaign. Today, I’m so excited to finish this out with tips for ding a Christmas in July Mini Sessions Promotion! […]


    >  Apple Podcasts |Spotify |Transcript More Resources: Free Minis Class Do you have a Christmas in July promotion? If not, booking Christmas in July Minis will get you ahead for the Christmas season! Today I’m unfolding the 5 reasons you SHOULD do a ‘Christmas in July’ Mini Session promo. But before we start the countdown, be […]

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    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |Transcript More Resources: Free $3k Blueprint We’re at episode 100!!! I’m thrilled to be able to look back and share how this began as well as how it evolved along the way. It’s going to be fun, but before heading down memory lane I have something ALL about mini sessions for you. My […]

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    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |Transcript More Resources: Free $3k Blueprint Today on The Business Journey Podcast, I felt it would be helpful for other business owners and photographers to hear what my schedule really looks like! I want to pull you in behind the curtain to see how I go about a typical business day. But, before […]

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    More Resources: Try ImagenAI | My ImagenAI Editing Profile There are a few options when it comes to using ImagenAI profiles! Remember, using and Editing Profile is not the same as using a Preset. Although I love using presets to get my editing process started, I’ve grown to love profiles as well! And I’m thrilled […]

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