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“How to Market, Monetize, & Grow Your Photography Business with Mini-Sessions”

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Imagine if your mini sessions were fully booked every time - with ease and months in advance. Imagine if you were bringing in real profit - making it totally worth the energy and time. 

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Keys to Effective Family Posing: Goodbye, Awkward & Stiff!

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6 Steps to Double Your Photography Business Revenue!

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Want to learn to take better photos of your kids using your fancy camera (DSLR)? I've got 6 FREE lessons just for you! You can also join thousands of moms from all over the world in our Facebook Group to learn and grow together!

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This mini-course is the perfect introduction into editing in Lightroom and Photoshop! You'll learn how to navigate Lightroom and what all of the sliders do (and when to use them), how to do a face swap, remove bags under eyes, what to do to "save" a photo you love when your settings or environment failed you, and so much more! This comes with my Lightroom Preset Bundle! That's 5 different presets to play with!

PLUS, get a BONUS: Edit With Me! Watch as I share my screen and edit a full session!


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profitable mini sessions course 2.0

I consistently make $25k+ each Fall with Mini Sessions - and I'm teaching you how to, too!

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You'll learn how to walk into your photo sessions feeling confident and say "goodbye" to awkward & stiff forever!

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Behind the Lens is our BRAND NEW MEMBERSHIP program geared towards family photographers! Each month our members receive a behind-the-scenes video of me shooting a REAL family session. As a bonus, I also include an EXCLUSIVE MASTERCLASS each month teaching on business topics I don't teach anywhere else! As our MOST AFFORDABLE, value-packed educational resource in our shop, it's a no-brainer for anyone looking to level up their family photography game! Join me every month behind the lens.

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I have learned more in this first 40 minutes of these videos than i have from any other photography educator!

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reels for photographers

We're talking ALLLLL about Instagram Reels. And who better than with the Reels Queens themselves! How to come up with content ideas, batch, and make Reels a breeze...it's an episode you won't want to miss!

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What Does Freedom Look Like For You?

Creating freedom in your life is vital for longevity in this industry! Let's dive in!

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How To Build A Portfolio Of Images You LOVE

Learn practical ways to create a portfolio when you're just starting out!

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are you a prospective client in need of family portraits?

You've made it to the right place! I believe memories - big and small - deserve to be captured and held dearly. From the addition of a little one to a family day in the park, all are wonderful and special to me. I'd love the opportunity to serve you and help you capture your memories to keep forever

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