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    Ep 71 – Pricing Q&A – you asked, I’m answering!

    Resources Mentioned: $3k Mini Sessions Blueprint | Episode 67 | My Instagram | Shootproof Upselling Mini Course

    Pricing seems to be a question that always comes up! Last month we did a pricing episode and today we're doing a pricing Q&A on more of my photography pricing tips. Especially as we head toward our fall season many of you are looking at your pricing structures. Something else that would be helpful is my $3k Mini Sessions Blueprint! This guide that walks you through making your first $3000.00 on a single date of minis. If you've never done that and want to know how, grab that guide and watch this fall season coming up be one of your most successful! Now let's dive into more photography pricing tips…

    Do You Charge the Full Amount Upfront?

    I always do a 50% non-refundable retainer at the time of booking then the rest is due before the session. I use that language in the contract that way it truly is non refundable! By splitting up the price, it helps with the sticker shock. Knowing they don't have to make a full payment right away helps clients a lot. I never want the price to deter clients so by giving them the ability to pay part now and the rest later makes a big difference! The reality is people cancel so I highly suggest taking a retainer.

    What Do You Charge for Headshots?

    I get this question often! Often people ask about what to charge for groups too, like staff headshots. I choose to charge by the person rather than by the amount of time. Most often these are used for advertisement, basically a “branding” photo. So the cost for 2 photos are $200. I know that seems like a lot, but if it's for a business the corporation happily pays that. Obviously if they have a lot of employees (100 or more) then you could do a bulk price, but never hourly!

    Mini Session Price that Includes All Photos

    So most of you know the way I structure minis includes upselling. So the mini session includes 5 images and we deliver a gallery of 20. This way if they want more they pay extra for those images. The way that I teach is $65 an image, sets of three for $90, or the full gallery for $200. And that's on top of the mini session fee that they already paid. So when I get this question about not upselling my answer may not be what you want to hear. Don't do it! If they are getting a full gallery then it's a small full session. Now, say you're going to do it, then price it at $450 or $500 because that's what you would get from upselling. If you don't like the sound of that I would just encourage you to consider upselling. You're leaving a lot of revenue on the table in not upselling! Upselling doesn't have to be intimidating either. I don't do IPS, instead I use automated emails. If that interests you grab my Shootproof Upselling Mini Course now!

    Should You Include Venue Fees?

    So across the board the answer is yes. It should be included in your pricing, but let's break it down by full sessions and mini sessions. My associate team, for example, likes to use this indoor greenhouse in the Dallas area. If a client wants to book there we let them know it's $70/hour. The client will pay us the $70 and we pay to book it. Super simple. Now for mini sessions I advise students to include it in the session. If you are doing 4 minis/hour and the rental for a red truck is $150/hour, then divide that into 4 and add it to the cost of each mini session. You shouldn't eat that out of pocket it should be collectively covered by the clients.

    How Do I Price My Full Session?

    This is specifically aimed toward those that do mini sessions. So how do you price full sessions when you offer minis to where it makes sense? A good rule of thumb is full sessions should be at least double your mini sessions. If your minis are $150 then your full session should be at least $300. Don't worry about timeframes. Mini Sessions should cost more per hour or more per image than full sessions. Price in a way that is profitable! Check out this episode for further resources on photography pricing tips: Episode 67.

    If you have more questions on pricing, send me a DM on Instagram and I'd be happy to help!

    What We Discussed

    Do You Charge the Full Amount Upfront? (3:12)
    What Do You Charge for Headshots (6:40)
    Mini Session Price That Includes a Full Gallery (8:19)
    Should You Include Venue Fees? (10:17)
    How Do I Price my Full Session? (12:18)

    Ep 71 - Pricing Q&A - you asked, I'm answering! | Photography Pricing Tips Ep 71 - Pricing Q&A - you asked, I'm answering! | Photography Pricing Tips Ep 71 - Pricing Q&A - you asked, I'm answering! | Photography Pricing Tips

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