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    New Home Update

    (Photos of Maddie's reaction to the updates are towards the bottom…because I know some people would rather skip to that!)
    For those that don't know, my husband and I are in the process of building our new home! We knew we'd eventually need to move because we would grow out of our first home, but we had originally planned to make that decision once we found out if our little one was a boy or a girl…then we came across the community that we'd be soon calling home!
    Some friends of ours had just decided to move there and they told us about the community. We went to check it out and instantly fell in love with it! We picked our beautiful lot that day, put our deposit down, and so the process began! It turned out to be a great decision because not long after that we found out our little one is a BOY! We'd be needing the extra space, so it was the perfect time to expand.
    We've already designed everything about our beautiful home, and it is so fun to watch our vision come together! With four bedrooms and a study (the perfect space for a playroom), extra tall ceilings, and huge windows, this home is all I've ever wanted. The natural light is STUNNING and lends itself to great photos. I can't wait to capture memories of my little family once we move in!
    So here's the current progress: the house is fully bricked, drywall is in and textured, and our flooring is in (and covered for the time being). The walls have been painted and our mantle is in. I think the stone around our fireplace is next as it was sitting out on the driveway when we visited. The fence is also up!
    One of my favorite parts of the house is our spacious backyard. (Can't believe I didn't get photos of it!!) It has plenty of room for the kids to play, a nice covered porch for Daniel and I to relax, and the view is the best part! Our lot backs up to a nature preserve with a walking path, beautiful trees, and a little creek. We'll have an iron fence along the back so the view won't be impaired.
    (I wish I had a wider lens to do the space justice…15-ft ceilings are hard to capture!)
    View from the front door looking in
    Living Room
    Box windows in the kitchen!
    Looking at the front door
    Kitchen island
    Bay windows in the master bedroom!
    Bathroom and Closet
    Playroom by the front door
    Maddie's reaction to walking the house was PRICELESS! Her excitement is so sweet!

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