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    4 Key Emails to Send Mini-Sessions Clients

    One of the most important factors of having a great client experience for your mini-sessions is excellent communication.

    Since the beginning of my photography journey, I’ve been super intentional with my communication, and my clients LOVE it! Every client receives a series of emails from me from the time that they book until after their session. And today I’m going to share those emails with you!

    Now let’s be honest. No one has time to just sit at their computer and send emails all day. This is where automations will be your best friend. I use Dubsado to send these emails automatically, and it’s a life-saver!! I have a whole blog post about why you should use Dubsado to manage your clients. You can read that HERE!

    Key  Emails to Send

    There are 4 key emails you should be sending every mini-session client. These emails will not only help elevate your client experience, but they’ll help ensure you answer any questions before they have them.


    1. Client Questionnaire

    I love questionnaires! It’s such a simple step that elevates your client experience to a whole new level. Not many portrait photographers send one, so it helps you stand out from the crowd.

    I  send a questionnaire because their answers help me to personalize their session and be as prepared as I can be beforehand. Plus, my clients appreciate the extra step towards getting to know them a little better. 

    Since sending my questionnaire, my sessions have all gone SUPER smoothly, and we avoided lots of foot-in-mouth moments! For more about questionnaires, read “3 Reasons to Send a Mini-Sessions Questionnaire to Clients”.


    2. Client Experience Guide

    My goal with my Client Experience Guide is to help educate my clients, give styling suggestions that match my photography style, and provide helpful tips that will make their session run smoothly.

    In this PDF guide, I include:

    • What to expect before, during, and after their session
    • Styling tips for Him, Her, and the Kids
    • Tips for selecting a location (that matches my shooting style)
    • Tips for getting the kids to cooperate during the session

    My clients rave about this guide because it’s super easy to follow and is packed with info. It literally answers any question they may have before they have to ask it. 


    3. Final Info Email

    Ah yes, my famous Final Info Email. In case you didn’t know, this one is my favorite!! Basically I send a long, detailed email that goes over EVERYTHING my clients may need to know leading up to their session.

    I remind them of their date and time slot, give specific directions for the location, reiterate that they can’t be late because my sessions are back-to-back, and gives some bullet point reminders from the Client Experience Guide. Again, this step eliminates the back-and-forth texts and emails leading up to their session by answering all of their potential questions in one place.

    Check out my Email Templates in my shop to get the exact email I send my clients.


    4. Request for Review

    I’m a huge believer that the world runs on social proof. No one buys something without first reading the reviews!

    This step is super important, especially if you’re newer or have fewer clients. About a week after I’ve delivered their final gallery, I send one last email asking for them to leave me a review. The key here is to make it as simple as possible for them! Link your Facebook and/or Google pages in the email so all they have to do is click and type away.

    Don’t skip this step!! You’ll thank me once those raving reviews start rolling in! (This template is also included in my Email Templates.)

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