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    Ep 06. Family Posing Secrets

    One of the questions I'm asked as a Nashville family photographer is any tips for posing families. I'm SO excited to tell you that my most recent Business Journey Podcast episode is all about my top family posing secrets. I'm dishing out my top THREE tips for you. I always want my clients to feel natural and relaxed and I never want to be the one freezing in the middle of my session. I've been there. Over it! Over the years, I've learned that having a few tricks in my back pocket creates genuine moments to capture, and way fewer awkward pauses in my sessions. I work with a variety of ages in my sessions and it helps with ALL of them, so trust me when I say these family posing secrets will help you, no matter who you work with!

    Have a Posing Workflow

    When I say posing workflow, what I mean is a list of groupings or various poses that you’re going to hit from start to finish in your session. A workflow can help your session move smoothly and avoid any awkward moments for you or your clients. My posing workflow also includes MUST HAVE poses for every session – make sure you tune into the podcast to find out why that's so important!

    Use Prompts

    Prompts are key phrases I’ll say or questions I’ll ask that bring out genuine smiles and memories for my clients. My goal? Getting real giggles and laughs out of my families, because there's NOTHING better than genuine emotion during a portrait session! During the episode, I share a few of my favorite prompts you can start using in your family sessions to get more real interaction. It's seriously my favorite family posing secret! And remember, even with younger kids, your prompts can become games – or things for them to do. These prompts are super easy to modify based on who you're working with!

    Keep a reference, if needed.

    Whenever I bring on a new associate photographer who will be helping me capture family portrait sessions, I remind them (just like I'm reminding you) that it's okay to take notes and keep them with you. Have them in a note on your phone or a piece of paper. No one is going to be bothered if you check over your list so you don't forget things. The longer you do this, the easier it gets. I promise!

    On the podcast, I have the chance to answer a few other questions – like how to work with younger kids or teenagers during my sessions, how I start family sessions, and how I manage to capture portraits of JUST the parents. Make sure you take a listen – there's time stamps below to help you find these questions. Family portrait sessions should be fun – and NOT stressful for you or your clients. Over time and with practice, you'll develop systems to help make sure your sessions are enjoyable! And, if you're still looking for more posing resources, check out my Complete Family Posing System!

    Topics We Discussed

    Have a posing workflow (2:20)

    Use prompts (6:00)

    Keep a reference if needed (11:51)

    Posing with toddlers (14:05)

    Portraits of JUST the parents (15:40)

    Posing with teens (17:23)

    How I start a session (19:42)

    My favorite family pose (21:37)

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