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    Ep 08. Fighting Comparison in the Photography Industry

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    Today's podcast episode is something that's coming from the heart. I have so many friends and students who have reached out to me, saying they struggle with the comparison that comes along with the photography industry. It makes me SO sad. Because comparison kills so many things in our lives: joy, excitement, motivation, and so much more. I wanted to share three easy and practical ideas that help me with fighting comparison in the photography industry. I hope you find something helpful and bring back some of the joy in your life!

    Change your mindset.

    The first and possibly the biggest thing that helps fight comparison in the photography industry is a mindset shift. There's two big pieces here. First, try to focus on the fact that there are plenty of clients to go around. Every market is saturated. But every client is NOT your client. And that's a good thing! We all serve our clients differently and you want to attract the people that are a good fit for your business! And remember that every journey looks differently. Our businesses and our homes, lives, and clients look different. That's perfectly okay! That doesn't mean anyone is doing it “better” than you!

    And, second: Remember that elevating someone else does NOT push you lower. It doesn't hurt you to cheer someone else on. And not everyone is competition. There are more than enough clients out there for all of us. These photographers around you aren't your competition.  Our hearts are healthier and happier when we support those around us – not tear them down. So here's a challenge for you today: cheer someone on that's killing it!! Celebrate the good stuff.

    Community over Competition matters.

    There's SO many places for photographers to connect online: Facebook groups, Instagram, education support groups, the list goes on and on. Just remember that community over competition really matters. While a lot of these online forums are great and supportive, there's plenty that aren't. If you're in a place that turns more toxic or even just FEELS toxic, say goodbye! It's not healthy to constantly live in a situation where you just compare yourself to others. Give yourself the freedom to leave a situation that isn't good for you. And seriously, this attitude MATTERS. We should be lifting each other up – not constantly tearing each other down.

    (Shameless plug here, but I'm SO grateful that none of my Rebecca Rice Education spaces are that way! Everyone is super supportive and seriously amazing! If you're looking for a community like that, join us by becoming a member of Behind the Lens!).

    Remove yourself from the situation.

    A super practical way to make the comparison game a bit easier is to simply remove yourself from the situation whenever possible. For so many of us, we spend time online for our business… but we also spend it scrolling and comparing (let's be honest, here!). If it's really starting to bother you, it's time to remove the app from your phone. Or if that's too drastic, try simply hiding the person that you're struggling over and comparing yourself to. You can also “mute” them temporarily on the app until you feel like you're in a better space. This is your permission to let them go and step back from their account.

    I hope that these ideas give you some easy and practical ways to fight comparison as a photographer. I know that it's hard – and it's ugly, and worst of all, it's everywhere. But you ARE a great photographer – and you matter. There is truly room for all of us!

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    Topics We Discussed:

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    Remove Yourself/Muting Accounts (16:03)

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