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    Ep. 16: 5 Books that Transformed My Business

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    Welcome back to the Business Journey podcast! I'm SO excited to be sharing today's episode with you because I truly believe in the power of reading. Honestly, I think every small business owner should make time to read because it's just such a powerful experience and way to consume content that can change your life. Today, I'm excited to be sharing FIVE books that have been transformational for my business with you. Remember, you don't have to actually read the book to consume the knowledge – try an audio book if you can't find time to sit and read. There's so many options to get the content – so let's dive right in!

    Making Time to Read

    Look, I get it. We're all SUPER busy people – running businesses, raising kids, and having a life. But I just want you to remember that if you read 20 minutes a day, you can finish at least one book a month. I used to believe that if I couldn't finish a chapter, it wasn't worth reading in that sitting. But now, I've learned that's not the case. Try to carve out a little time for YOU. Whether you read or listen to an audiobook, give yourself that time to relax and enjoy! Now, onto the books!

    Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

    “Profit First” was seriously transformational for my finances. This book helped me understand that the idea of having a profitable business was possible. This book teaches you how to allocate your expenses, profit, and what you actually pay yourself so that you can make money! Combined with the You Need a Budget (YNAB) app and website, this book seriously changed how I look at my money!

    Traction by Gino Wickman

    “Traction” is alllll about how you structure and run your business, a concept Wickman calls “EOS”. The whole book walks you through how to structure your team – and even if you don't have a team, you can learn a lot about how to manage your business. Wickman helps you plan longterm for your business, looking ahead 3, 5, and 10 years in advance so you can figure out where you want your business to go. This book truly helped me understand the WHY of my business.

    Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark Winters

    I wasn't lying when I said I loved Gino Wickman. Wickman partnered with Mark Winters to write this one. It's a bit of a spinoff from “Traction”, but it really focuses on the relationship between a visionary/CEO and their team, especially an integrator. This relationship is super powerful and “Rocket Fuel” helped me understand how to lean into and use that to my advantage to grow. If you're even considering a team or are in the beginning stages of starting one, read this book!

    The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand

    I have to admit that this book was a SUPER fast read but it was incredibly helpful. Kothand helps you map out a year of content, no matte what kind of business you're in. Because of this book, I had hundreds of ideas for content pieces. She honestly makes it so simple by asking questions that get you thinking about what your audience wants, and you'll wind up writing out a huge brain dump. Trust me! It's worth the read!

    The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

    Honestly, “The Miracle Morning” was great for my personal life more than anything but it did impact my business, too! This book really helps you outline a morning routine – one that's solid and focused. Whether you're a morning person or not, Elrod reminds you that giving yourself a sold routine will help you be the best version of you.

    And there you have it: 5 books that have transformed my business! I hope that you go grab a copy and dive in. Truly, I believe the chance to read through some of these amazing ideas will help you in your own business. I know it sparked a LOT of thoughts and changes for me!

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    Topics We Discussed

    Profit First (4:29)

    Traction (7:17)

    Rocket Fuel (10:19)

    The One Hour Content Plan (11:55)

    The Miracle Morning (14:30)

    5 books that transformed my business

    5 Books that Transformed My Business: Rebecca Rice shares the five books that changed her business on the Business Journey Podcast Books that changed my business as solo entrepreneur








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