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    How to Shoot Light and Airy Photos

    Light and airy photos are such a popular style to shoot in! There are a few keys that will take your work from just OK to AMAZING!  In today's video I'm giving you 3 light and airy photo tips to nail the style every time.

    Overhaul or Tweak to Shoot Light and Airy?

    You don't need to change everything to achieve that light and airy style! I'm so excited to share some things I use to go from basic photos to beautiful, soft and blissful. Most people think golden hour is the best time to shoot, but I have an unpopular opinion that seems to work better! I've also seen the priority of a background take the potential of ‘light and airy' right out of your photos. I have such an easy tweak to include that backdrop but let the light in! You don't need a total overhaul to achieve that light and airy style – just a tweak here and there!

    Shoot Light and Airy in Your Camera!

    Starting with light and airy makes it easier to end in light and airy. Don't wait until it's time to edit to create the light and airy effect. How you start can make your finish a whole lot easier. By using some of these keys you don't have to rely solely on editing skills. Find the light and airy style in your time of day, backdrop, camera settings and more. Check out today's video for my light and airy photo tips and to jumpstart shooting light and airy photos EVERY time!

    Notes from the video:

    Super popular style, but hard to master if you’re doing a few key things wrong. Here are 3 secrets to mastering light and airy every time:

    1. Background choice is key!

    • Allow lots of light in
    • Avoid thick greenery or other backgrounds that block out light
    • Look for open areas with lots of light available behind subject

    2. Time your session right

    • UNPOPULAR OPINION: I hate golden hour. (Harsh, orange colors)
    • I stop shooting an hour before sunset
    • Avoid mid-day when shadows are harsh
    • Look for open shade

    3. Expose for your subject, not your background

    • Light and airy often has blown out skies…that’s ok!
    • I shoot subject-centered photography, so my subject is the focus
    • Always get your subject exposed correctly, and then the background will look light.

    BONUS: Editing is the icing on the cake…hard work done in-camera.
    Editing does make a difference though!

    Ep 07. Nailing a Light & Airy Style

    How to shoot light and airy photos

    How to Shoot Light and Airy Photos

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    For Families:

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