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    Student Spotlight: Alisha Cornett of Alisha Cornett Photography

    I'm pleased to introduce you to Alisha Cornett of Alisha Cornett Photography! She's a go-getter, who like many of us, found a way to turn her dream into our career! Alisha is an entrepreneur at heart and not only runs her own photography business, but manages a jewelry store as well.  This student spotlight is inspiring and I know you'll be encouraged to remember to LOVE what you do!

    Student Spotlight: Alisha Cornett of Alisha Cornett Photography

    Tell me a little about your photography business!

    I started my business in the fall of 2011 when I photographed three weddings that year. Those first few weddings were right after my own wedding, and that’s when I fell in love with weddings. I specialize in weddings, newborns and family mini sessions.

    I love getting to know my AFC Brides and make their wedding dreams a reality through film. You deserve to have your day documented. And your day is all about celebrating the start of a new family with the beautiful marriage of two souls. It's an honor to play a part in such a significant day. Memories of my own wedding often flashback when I'm shooting the vows and rings exchange during the ceremony! I'm a sucker for love.

    In the last four years my business has really started to take off. I'm always trying to learn more, be more profitable and grow my business  with continuing eduction.

    What started your photography journey?

    I was always that girl in middle school and high school that had a disposable camera in my hand taking pictures to document. I even made multiple scrap books growing up. The thrill of going to Walmart to drop off the camera and wait a few days for that phone call to let me know my prints were ready was exhilarating!

    During my own wedding planning back in 2009/2010 I started a blog to document our wedding planning in hopes that I could share advice with other brides or newly wedded couples. I needed a camera to document that journey. So when my sister found a great deal on a Canon camera kit with two lenses for $600 I was all in! Oh boy, how things have changed since then!

    What is your favorite thing about running a photography business?

    Besides taking pictures, obviously, I'd have to say the client interaction experience. I love meeting new people, asking them questions and getting to know them and their story.

    What is something you’ve achieved that you’re proud of?

    This past year I received recognition as one of the top rated wedding photographers on The Knot! Some of photos have also been featured in local magazines as well as top blog sites like: The Bump, How They Asked by The Knot, Amore Unveiled and Let's Bee Together. AND, I opened up a studio space in June of 2020 in town to really expand my newborn portrait sessions! Talk about trusting God in the midst of a pandemic.

    If you could tell your past self one thing, what would it be?

    I'd say, don't sweat the small stuff. Everything always works out in the end. Always keep your eyes focused on Jesus.

    Where can we find Alisha Cornett of Alisha Cornett Photography!?

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