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    Ep. 61 How to Use a Posing Workflow

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    I can't wait to dive into this episode of family posing tips. I've been hinting toward a posing workflow the past few weeks and I really want to unpack what a posing workflow is, how to use a posing workflow and how I do it in my own business!

    Honestly, before talking about a workflow I have to announce my NEW Family Posing Course is officially LIVE! This has been in the works for the past 3 months and really I've been cultivating content and resources in my mind for the past year and a half. This course is finally a one stop course and is all encompassing! Not only do we look at posing families with young kids, families with older kids, or adult children, but we talk about posing teenagers. I even have a section that covers posing maternity sessions, lifestyle, newborn and senior sessions! Seriously is hits every aspect of what you would need for POSING. It's currently ON SALE and for the lowest price it will ever be at since it's brand new!

    Now, on the theme of posing, we're really closing out this “series” we've been doing the past few weeks. (Check out this Episode if you want to learn more!) I wanted to walk through my family posing tips and how I use a posing workflow. Let's take a look..

    Workflow Defined

    A posing workflow is basically having an order of things. Truly an organization set in place to help you process through your session. With a workflow in place, you achieve a few things. You'll remove awkward moments where you don't know what to do next, it helps you use your time efficiently, and it's repeatable! A posing workflow is important because it's meant to help you. It keeps your session moving and allows you to be relational with your client without losing time. I've had repeat customers that I do change things up for, but a lot of my clients actually enjoy seeing photos in similar poses from year to year. It showcases the growth of their family, especially kids! So don't worry about the idea of wash, rinse and repeat. A workflow has been my saving grace!

    Start with the Whole Family

    Now, I'm going to walk you through my personal posing workflow and feel free to take notes, write it down, make adjustments! Something to note is this goal: as little movement as possible! Moving people takes time. So, I always start a session posing the whole family together. The reason behind that is to get everyone comfortable (especially those littles). The family isn't singled out they are with each other and it promotes a comfortable environment.

    Mom, Dad and the Kids

    From there, I move to just mom and the kids. I have dad step behind me so if kids are looking at dad they are giving the camera their attention. Then I swap. Kids stay put and mom and dad switch places! Again, as little movement as possible. I do trade kids around so it's not just a copy and paste. Next, I pull dad out and just squish the kids together. When mom and dad are not next to the kids, I try to corral and make sure everyone is staying where they need to be. It's even more important to be intentional with my words and to go quickly. So, all the kids are together and I usually do a few variations. Then, I do individuals of each kid. This is a must-have. Especially for me, when doing minis, I want to include as many must-have shots as possible. The goal is the client either buys the full gallery or adds on these extra must-haves! I'll do a close up and a full body shot of each kid. Typically, I'll start oldest to youngest unless the younger ones are ready. Let's face it you only have their attention for a short span of time!

    Last but not Least

    Lastly, I try getting the whole family together once more. This isn't something I have to have, so I save it for the end. Sometimes everyone is more comfortable, I can use these for face swaps if need be, and it gives me a chance to do more “specialty” groupings. Maybe that's mom and dad kissing in the background while the kids are covering the eyes in the foreground. And I always end with asking if there are specific shots the family wants. Now, don't make the mistake of asking this without first reassuring them you got everything on your list. They need to know you as the photographer covered everything. But this puts the ball in their court and allows them to think of specifics. Remember, it's important to know how to use a posing workflow so you save yourself time and can ask if there are extra needed shots!


    Need more about posing? Check out my new Family Posing Course! I show all the variations and family posing tips that I do with each grouping. So when I do just mom and the kids, what kind of shots do I get? How do I pose them? What specific variations Am I getting? What words am I saying to you? And what posing prompts am I using to get them where I need them? Those are all things I cover in the course. If you have questions about the course check out this page and feel free to DM me! I can't wait for this to answer all the questions you have about posing!

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    Just the Kids (13:13)
    Whole Family Again (15:33)
    Last Question (17:23)
    How to Use a Posing Workflow | Family Posing Tips How to Use a Posing Workflow | Family Posing Tips How to Use a Posing Workflow | Family Posing Tips

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