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    Ep 69 – Practical Tips for Personal Social Media Marketing

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    Katelyn Workman is with us today to talk all about practical tips for personal social media marketing! I know there is a lot of talk around using social media to grow your business, but I firmly believe the best use for social media is to develop personal connections with people. Truthfully we all can admit to having a love-hate relationship with social media. It's hard to see the “payoff” from what you do on social media! So let's dive into some practical tips for personal social media marketing…

    Never Be Someone You're Not

    The important thing is to share yourself genuinely. All of us are made uniquely which also means your job with social media is not to copy and paste the profiles you like. Don't try being the person you think others want you to be. Present yourself in an authentic way! It's an easy trap to fall into. We can have this mindset of trying to put on a “persona” that we think clients want to book, but really you need to be true to who you are! I mean let's be honest… that's who they are booking anyway! Bonus tip: show your face on social media. Don't be uncomfortable with who you are. If this is a challenge… bite the bullet and make yourself do it!

    Brainstorm Things You Like

    Sharing yourself on social media does not mean it's just your face. If you don't know where to start, think of three to five topics or things you value. Are you passionate about the gym or your fostering journey or date nights or coffee.. literally anything. You will be surprised at the clients that will be drawn to you because they found something in common with you rather than the fact that your portfolio is beautiful. Don't get me wrong, you should have a great portfolio, but what makes you stand out from the crowd is your personal details!

    Put Your Content EVERYWHERE

    When it comes to choosing which social platform is the right platform it really comes down to you and your audience. What do you enjoy and where are your clients at? If you enjoy making reels on Instagram do it! If you prefer posting on Facebook go for that. It can be exhausting trying to creatively come up with things to post on all the platforms. This is also the reason recycling your content is vital! You work hard to create content so spread it across all your platforms and repurpose it. This way you aren't burning out and you're getting the most out of what you've created!

    Three Take-Aways

    First, show up in your stories authentically. They last 24 hours and because of that they don't need to be curated! Think of what you want to share, put yourself together and show up. You don't have to share everything in your life (some things are private or not for the whole world to see) but share more than just your photography. Next, make a list of people you want to connect with in the industry. Maybe it's a boutique owner that has a clothing closet you can use, vendors, other photographers, etc. Lastly, create a piece of content that provides value. You want to give value so they can connect with you and come back for more rather than just selling to them.

    What We Discussed

    Never Be Someone You're Not (5:29)
    Brainstorm Things You Like (8:43)
    Put Your Content Everywhere (11:21)
    Three Take-Aways (12:41)

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