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    Ep 70 – Crafting Your Mini Session Client Experience

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    Resources Mentioned: $3k Mini Sessions Blueprint | Client Questionnaire | Client Experience Guide | Email Templates | Free Posing Class

    Today we're talking about one of my all-time favorite topics…MINI SESSIONS! We'll be covering how to craft your mini session client experience with these client experience tips and it's going to be fun. Before jumping in I want to make my $3k Mini Sessions Blueprint available to you! It's a free guide to walk you through making your first $3000 on a single date of minis. It's not just possible, but it's repeatable! You can use this guide as a blueprint and do it over and over again. Ready to dive into minis? Let's start with these client experience tips…

    Look at Your Communication

    Ask yourself, what emails are you sending and how are they serving your clients? Since mini sessions are, well, mini… that means your communication needs to be thorough. You want to connect with clients before and after the session so they feel loved and nurtured. Prior to meeting, what emails are you sending? Right away I think of inquiry emails (what's your response like?), contract and invoice emails, a questionnaire or client experience guide (this is gold because you get to know your client and they feel cared for and attended to). I highly suggest adding a questionnaire to your workflow and if you don't have one grab mine from the shop: Client Questionnaire. I also send a Client Experience Guide. The goal is to answer any questions they have, give them styling tips, tips to get their kids to cooperate, etc. Last but not least, the final info email! This gives them instructions to the session, last minute details and reminders for what's ahead. If all these are overwhelming don't sweat it. They're all included in my Email Templates. You can customize then put them to work for you!

    Prepare the Parents

    For family photographers, how well the kids do during a session plays a major role in the overall experience. It's my job as the photographer to make sure parents are prepared beforehand. This is also found in my Client Experience Guide.  My job is to equip the parents with some tips for things that they can do before the session with their kids to help prepare them so that the session goes smoothly. I encourage them to bring bribes and assure them I am prepared for kids. This equipping is so important for a mini session!

    Nail Your Posing

    We want to avoid awkward and stiff! Having a posing workflow is vital. It gives a full gallery and ultimately makes the session go smoothly. You want your client experience to be wonderful before they ever get photos back. I've got a free posing class that will be a big help. You can also grab my posing workflow inside that class for free! Posing really makes a difference in how your client feels throughout the session. Have a plan, use a workflow and nail it!

    Add Personal Touches

    This is the “surprise & delight” of a session. I actually have a masterclass with my dear friends, James & Jess, who are the masters at this particular topic. It's found inside my Behind the Lens membership. Every month you get access to a new Masterclass and a Behind the Scenes session where you get to be a virtual shadow to me on my personal sessions. If you join that membership you get immediate access to current and past content! A few things that you can do to surprise and delight could be hand written notes, cookies after the session or ornaments at Christmas time. Any and all of these client experience tips makes such a difference in crafting your mini session client experience!

    What We Discussed

    Look at Your Communication (2:42)
    Prepare the Parents (6:03)
    Nail Your Posing (8:07)
    Add Personal Touches (10:39)


    Crafting Your Mini Session Client Experience | Client Experience Tips Crafting Your Mini Session Client Experience | Client Experience Tips Crafting Your Mini Session Client Experience | Client Experience Tips

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