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    Ep 77 – My Favorite Email Marketing Platform

    Resources Mentioned: Free Email Marketing Guide | Email Marketing Mini Course | 50% Off Flodesk!

    Today we're talking all about my favorite email marketing platform! Before breaking down all the info I wanted to give you something that goes hand in hand with this topic. I have a free guide to help you dive deep into email marketing. This is designed to grow your email list from 0 to 100 subscribers. So, if you are looking to get your first 100 subscribers, this download is for you! Now onto my favorite email marketing platform… Flodesk! You can try it out for 50% off using this code!

    The Price

    I have used so many different platforms and landed on Flodesk for a reason. I've done mailchimp, mad mimi, ConvertKit, but in the end Flodesk became the winner! The founders are so sweet and truly listen to their customer feedback. What makes Flodesk unique is their price. Every month you pay the same amount regardless of how many subscribers you obtain. This is different from other platforms because you don't get penalized for growing your email list!

    The Design

    I call Flodesk the Canva of email systems. Flodesk is so user friendly and absolutely beautiful! Maybe it has changed since I used it, but ConvertKit required me to do coding in order to add a simple button in my emails. Flodesk makes it simple and easy with a drag and drop design. Choosing layouts, dropping in images and having the choice of pretty fonts made it easy to design around my brand! We are talking about marketing. If your emails don't match your brand then your marketing isn't where it could be.

    The Features: Segments

    Now it may have fewer bells and whistles compared to ConvertKit, but it has what you need. Sometimes too many features can be overwhelming! A few of the features that Flodesk has is what they call segments. It allows you to separate your subscribers into groups of people. For instance, you can separate your list into demographics like young families, wedding, seniors, etc. This allows you to send specific emails to these different groups. Now you won't be losing subscribers because they aren't getting emails that don't apply to them. I also use segments with my associate team. I can set up segments for Dallas clients then Richmond clients or Nashville clients, etc.

    The Features: Opt In Forms

    I love that I can create beautiful and easy opt in forms. An opt in form collects basic info. So, someone fills out their first and last name along with their email and they automatically get added to my email list. You can set this feature to add them to a specific segment too! Flodesk forms have the ability to be embedded into your website or as a pop up and voila you grow your email list.

    The Features: Workflow Automations

    This feature helps serve your clients well. You can create these automations that when someone enters a segment it then triggers a series of emails to go out. For instance, you can have a 3 day welcome sequence. If someone joins your email list from a pop up they will receive an automated email welcoming them to your business. Then the next day an email automatically goes out introducing who you are and how you got started. Then the last day they can receive an opportunity to book with you or inquire for more session info! These automations save you so much time in the long run! I created a mini course called Email Marketing because taking all this in can seem like a lot. It walks you through the set up, what kind of emails to send out and how to have these workflows in place. You can check out that course HERE!

    Email marketing is not dead. My associate team started an email list this year and grew it from ground level. They ended up booking 40 Christmas minis in 2 days from email marketing! So, try Flodesk. It's my favorite email marketing platform for a reason.

    What We Discussed

    The Price (2:46)
    The Design (6:00)
    Segments (8:58)
    Opt In Forms (12:58)
    Workflow Automations (13:52)

    My Favorite Email Marketing Platform

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    For Families:

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