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Ep 90 – How I Set Boundaries Between Work and Life

  1. Whitney says:

    How do you manage sessions? We are thinking about doing a hybrid school this year like you and I would love to use that time to grow my business. However, most sessions need to be done in the evening or on the weekends bc of others’ school/work schedules. How can I grow my business without working every weekend and a lot during the week? I’ve thought about raising my prices but I live in a small town and worry I will price myself out of the market. Just curious if you have any tips.

    • Rebecca Rice says:

      Hi Whitney! Yes, for the sessions themselves you do need to work with other people’s schedules. However for the editing, culling, delivering, marketing, etc. you do not have to! For the sessions, I’m a big believer in mini sessions, which you would accomplish in one weekend (actually only a 2-3 hour chunk of time) about once a quarter or so. I would definitely not suggest doing any sessions in the evenings on weekdays as that time is for your family! If you’re looking to grow your business and get the best bang for your buck, mini sessions are the way to do it! Hope that helps!

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