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    Ep 94 – How to Confidently Price Your Sessions

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    I get this question ALL the time, especially in our facebook community. And if you're not a part you can click the link above and check it out! Today I'll be sharing how to confidently price your sessions because a lot of you have been asking. Before diving into my photography pricing tips, I do want to offer you a FREE class I have called “How to Market, Monetize, & Grow Your Photography Business with Minis.” Now, let's figure out how to confidently price your sessions so we're ready for Spring Minis!

    Run Your CODB

    Before committing to any kind of pricing you want to be sure you've ran your cost of doing business. If you don't know what that is, basically it is discovering how much you're actually making per hour. Not just the time that you're shooting, but the time that you're driving to the session, setting up editing, communicating with clients, delivering galleries, all of the things that go into making a photo session happen. You can watch THIS video to find out your CODB. This is your first step when it comes to pricing!

    Don't Overcomplicate It

    Rather than having a ton of different priced packages stick with a simple rate. It sounds like a good idea to have all these session types listed on your website, but for clients it's overwhelming. Especially when they're priced similarly! I have my portrait session package and it's for any type of session that somebody wants to do with me. We're talking families, birthdays, couples, maternity seniors – any kind of portrait session. I have one session fee and it includes the full gallery, it's very simple to understand! Listen to the podcast to find out which packages should be priced differently.

    Commit to Keeping Prices

    Here's a good rule: don't touch your prices after changing them for at least 6 months. Most of the time photographers go up in price and freak out if they aren't getting booked! Here's what I've learned, it's not a pricing problem it's a marketing problem! Ask yourself…How do you need to market differently to the people in that price point? And does your client experience justify the pricing? Maybe you can tweak a few of these things and see a whole new client group!

    There you have it! My photography pricing tips! Lastly, I do have something coming soon that will help your photography business tremendously. So stay tuned on my socials and get your business ready!

    What We Discussed

    Run Your CODB (3:05)
    Don't Overcomplicate It (6:15)
    Commit to Keep Prices (9:19)

    Ep 94 - How to Confidently Price Your Sessions - photography pricing tips Ep 94 - How to Confidently Price Your Sessions - photography pricing tips Ep 94 - How to Confidently Price Your Sessions - photography pricing tips

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