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    Ep 96 – How I use StoryBrand in my Business!

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    Welcome to the Business Journey Podcast! Today I'm sharing all about how I use StoryBrand in my business! I also have a FREE class that will be helpful this Spring in your sessions. It's called “Keys to Effective Family Posing” and you'll walk away with creative ideas on how to pose well! Posing isn't something you should “wing” but rather something you excel at. Now, StoryBrand is something that comes from a book by Donald Miller called “Building a StoryBrand” – one of my best marketing tips! Let's dive in!

    StoryBrand Outline

    This has been incredibly helpful for me in marketing. The StoryBrand script starts with the main character, villain and guide. The main character is your client! Then we look at who their villain is. Maybe their villain is a lack of time. It breaks down why they don't have time, what that makes them feel and what they are being robbed of. Next the outline introduces the guide who comes in and brings a solution to their problem (that's YOU)!

    Mapped Out Process

    Once all the people are in place we get to build this story. Maybe you have 3 or 4 steps that's going to take them to their answer. It's going to lead the client to a place of finally getting to book with you. You'll list out steps for clients to take to get photos taken with you! Along the way you're answering questions, removing fear or doubt, etc.

    Call to Action

    Finally, we give our clients the invitation to do something. Make the change of feeling like time is robbing them and giving clear steps for them to book with you! You can address the issue and boldly state, if they don't make a change they miss out on these memories for life! I know that seems intense, but you're making a clear story here. You want your client to relate and see the reality of their current decisions. It's a call to act!

    Market with StoryBrand

    This is an awesome way to emphasize your brand messaging through marketing. There's more in the podcast and I breakdown the application in depth so be sure to listen! Marketing just got easier with these marketing tips in place. I encourage you to follow the script and create your own StoryBrand HERE!

    What We Discussed

    StoryBrand Outline (3:10)
    Mapped Out Process (9:07)
    Call to Action (11:23)
    Market with StoryBrand (15:25)

    How I use StoryBrand in my Business | Marketing Tips How I use StoryBrand in my Business | Marketing Tips How I use StoryBrand in my Business | Marketing Tips

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