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    Behind the Lens: Richmond Family Session

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    You're in for a special one! This Virginia family session had the sun beaming in and it illuminated their sweet love for each other. They are actually related to my integrator, Kat Schmoyer, which made it extra fun for me. With just Mom, Dad and their baby I had to get creative in posing. How do you capture a diverse gallery when only 2 people cans stand and respond? You'll see below! The beautiful thing about babies at this age, is even if they aren't paying attention or giving you smiles they are adorable. As a photographer, and this time, a Richmond family photographer, I'm creating memories and still framing this time in their life. They'll treasure these photos long after that little one goes off to college. You can see the entire session in my membership Behind the Lens!

    Field Session with Mom, Dad and Baby

    When you're working with a little one I tend to treat this similarly to a couples session. You don't need a full 30-45 minutes when everyone is cooperating! You can see how I created variety and worked with a bright sun. It was a bit high for what I like, but putting their backs to the sun helped eliminate uneven light beams on their faces.

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    Newly parents of a baby boy take family portraits with Rebecca Rice Photography for her Behind the Lens membership as they stand in a field wearing black outfits. Dad stands behind wife who holds baby son as they both look at him and smile. Dad holds baby boy up in the air as mom comes from behind his shoulder and they both look up at their son during their family photography session in Richmond, VA. Mom, who is wearing a black dress and black cardigan, holds baby son who is wearing green pants and a black shirt with a pumpkin bib as he looks at camera with baby blue eyes. Husband and wife look at each other as they walk through a field in Richmond, VA with their baby boy who is being held by Dad. Rebecca Rice captures family of 3 in a field in Richmond, VA as a newly family of 3 wear black coordinating outfits. Mom holds baby boy over her shoulder who looks at the camera with his baby blue eyes and a sun flare coming through. Dad, who has blonde hair and wears it in a bun, has on a black shirt and holds his baby boy up in the air as they smile at each other, both wearing black shirts. Rebecca Rice Photography captures baby boy in a field in Richmond, VA as he stands in the grass holding his dads hands. Husband and wife stand in a field in Richmond, VA wearing black outfits for Rebecca Rice's behind the lens membership class. Couple dances in Richmond, VA in a field as the wife wears a black, long, dress and cardigan and her husband wears a black shirt and khaki pants as he twirls her in field. New Dad wears a blonde hair and bun with a black shirt and holds his baby boy over his shoulder as he looks at camera of Rebecca Rice with his baby blue eyes.

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