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I'm a wife, mommy, family photographer and educator from McKinney, TX who has a passion for capturing beauty in everyday life, and for teaching other photographers to do the same.

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> Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Transcript More Resources: 5 Steps to Launching Your Photography Side Gig | Client Experience Guide | Flodesk Discount | Behind the Lens I get this question all the time so I wanted this episode to answer it with practicality! I’ve had to do this not only when I first […]

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Ep 93 – How to Build a Portfolio of Images you LOVE (when you’re just starting out)


Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Transcript We’ve got another episode of the Business Journey Podcast to share with you today! Today, we’re diving into another one of my all-time favorite topics: how to book mini-sessions with no client base. It’s one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to mini-sessions – that you have to have […]

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Ep. 20: How to Book Mini-Sessions With No Client Base

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More Resources: $3k Mini Sessions Blueprint Booking out Fall Mini Sessions can happen this year! And you can start booking those family mini sessions today!  I’ve been doing this for many years and want to share my tips and tricks on how to book out your Fall Minis FAST! Before sharing, I have this FREE […]

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