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I'm a wife, mommy, family photographer and educator from McKinney, TX who has a passion for capturing beauty in everyday life, and for teaching other photographers to do the same.

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 Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Transcript This is an interesting topic: how to get motivated when work FEELS hard! Honestly, sometimes “work” feels hard. Now I’m not talking about the corporate job you may have! I’m specifically referring to those who are doing photography. You know, those who are running their own photography biz and […]

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Ep 68 – How to Get Motivated When Work Feels Hard

Student Spotlight

The experiences we create as photographers may end up sparking a desire to pursue something new for our clients. At least that’s the story for this photographer! I love our Student Spotlights and today’s does not disappoint. Introducing Erin Thompson of Erin Thompson Photography! She was raised in Cleveland, OH and currently resides in New […]

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Student Spotlight: Erin Thompson of Erin Thompson Photography

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More Resources: Free Guide Have you ever heard the phrase “Christmas in July?” I’m not entirely sure where it came from, but in the photography world I’ve learned to use it to my advantage! Today I’m sharing the top 4 reasons why I love a ‘Christmas In July’ Minis promotion, but before we prance on over […]

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