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6 Tasks You Can Outsource Today

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m a photographer and photo editor and it’s amazing how challenging it has been to find photographers who are ready to outsource!

  2. […] During your slow season, you should be looking at what you can automate and delegate when it comes to your business. Are there emails you can setup to go automatically? What about questionnaires or guides? You don’t need to be the one pushing “Send”. Put that CRM to use! Also take the time to look at what you can outsource. As you grow and get busier, getting help is going to be key! Trust me, it’s way more affordable than you think. If someone else can do it at least 80% as well las you (or better), that task can be outsourced. Outsourcing will allow you to focus your energy where it’s needed most. You can read more about my thoughts on outsourcing here! […]

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