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    Ep. 12: 4 Reasons You Should Have an Email List

    It's Monday again! That means a new episode of the Business Journey Podcast has dropped and today we're talking about all the things related to an email list! I'm a HUGE believer that, as photographers, we should be utilizing our email lists to book more clients. Email lists are the perfect way to grow and build your audience, as well as continuing to serve your current audience. Today, I'm sharing four reasons you should have an email list as a photographer.

    Before we jump into the why of an email list, I want to mention my favorite email software: Flodesk. In my opinion, it's the best one out there. It's beautiful, easy to use and kind of like the Canva of email systems! And, I even have a discount code for 50% off – for life! So definitely grab that and let's get started.

    Reason #1: You OWN your email list.

    You might have heard this before, but an email list is really the only list of clients and potential clients that you own. You don't own your social media followers – sorry to break it to you. If your Instagram or Facebook page disappeared tomorrow, your email list has ALL of the potential clients you've connected with – and that's yours. If you 100% rely on your social media accounts to book clients, you're putting all of your eggs into one basket – and that basket could easily break. Email is never going to disappear, let's be real. So having a way to communicate with clients, no matter what happens, is important.

    Reason #2: Being in their inbox keeps you fresh in their minds.

    I used to get frustrated with my email list. It seemed like I was sending things out, but people weren't always opening them. Someone finally reminded me that just because they don't always open it doesn't mean it's not doing something! By having your name show up regularly in their inbox, you're staying fresh in those people's minds. It reminds your potential clients that you're there when they're ready to book!

    Reason #3: It's the easiest way to nurture your audience.

    Email lists are really easy ways to create exclusive experiences for your client – maybe discounts, first booking access, things like that. I call my email list my VIP list because I WANT my clients to sign up and be ready to receive information for me. You can use your email list to send out monthly tips as well as remind them when it's time to book for your next mini session. I use my list to find models when I need model calls, send out recent blogs they might find helpful, and early booking access. But whatever it is, take the time to help them via email – show them that you care and that you're thinking of them. All of this goes into making your client experience even more elevated!

    Reason #4: Email lists are the fastest way to book your warm clients.

    Frankly, clients who sign up for your VIP list when they land on your website or book a session are READY to book you. So sending an email letting them know it's time to book will almost always result in sign ups. I know for me when I send out an email about new minis, within the hour, I've got 8-12 sign ups right away because people were waiting for it. They know me and trust me. They believe in my work and they're going to book a spot!

    Honestly, I could come up with a million more reasons that email lists are amazing for photographers, but these four reasons you should have an email list sum up my feelings pretty well! I truly believe email lists are necessary for all photographers. I hope that you feel more confident about tackling your email list now, too! Seriously, the power of emails is incredible and I want every business owner to take advantage of them.

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    Topics We Discussed

    Which Platform to Use (2:40)

     #1: You OWN it! (4:16)

     #2: Stay fresh in their minds (7:46)

     #3: Nurture your audience (10:50)

    #4: Warm Leads (17:25)

    Links Mentioned in the Episode

    + Behind the Lens with Rebecca Rice

    + Get 50% off Flodesk!


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