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    Ep. 13: What Community Over Competition Looks Like

    Our next episode of the Business Journey Podcast is live today and we’re talking about something that’s really personal to me: community over competition. This is one of those topics that needs to be talked about and really isn’t… and simultaneously, when talked about too much, can lose it’s meaning. There are so many people in our industry that preach “community over competition” but don’t demonstrate actions that back it up. I seriously believe in it and I truly want my groups, students, and followers to believe in it too! So, let’s talk about what it really means to believe in community over competition.

    First off, I strive to create an environment that is supporting in as many ways as possible for my students. And one of the things I’m most proud of is my Facebook group for my students. With Behind the Lens open for enrollment, it’s the easiest way to be added to this group. I’m so proud to hear my students rave about the empowering community we’ve created, and I hope you can join us too!

    Focus on having an abundant mindset.

    The first part of this idea is having an abundance mindset. We don’t need to be jealous or upset about those around us who do well. Instead, we have to truly believe and know that there ARE enough clients for all of us! We don’t need to hide in our shells and guard our secrets, because there are plenty of people to serve. And I honestly believe that – and that everyone’s ideal client is out there. And NOT every client is the person you’re meant to serve. So why wouldn’t you want to send them to someone who is the perfect match?! And not only that, but just because someone else is succeeding doesn’t mean that you won’t. Read that again, seriously!

    Elevate others.

    Being part of a group that values community over competition means elevating others. Even if they are “your competition.” Remember what I just said about ideal clients? If you KNOW that you aren’t going to be the best person for a job, elevate or suggest someone else who would be. When I lived in Texas, I would always recommend another photographer if I couldn’t make the request work. In theory, she was my direct competition. And I may have lost some potential long-term clients to her but that’s okay! She seriously IS amazing and I had no problem sharing her name. And guess what? Something surprising happened – she began to do the same. If she couldn’t meet a request, she’d suggest me. THAT is the power of this community. Creating relationships that will elevate you and that you can elevate is a crucial part of community over competition. I TRULY wanted her to succeed!

    Be mindful of how you interact.

    Honestly, it seems silly to even mention this… but be kind. Building a community is about being kind and taking care of each other. Personally, I don’t understand how communities are built on bashing others – especially new photographers. We were all new at one point! Additionally, take the time to actually make connections and friends… not just a connection for personal gain. Just be mindful of your motives and make sure you’re taking care of the relationships and people around you.

    When the idea of community over competition takes off in the right way, it can be SUCH an empowering and encouraging space for us business owners. I’m so grateful to everyone in my Facebook group who makes the Rebecca Rice Education group that way! We weren’t meant to face this road as entrepreneurs alone, so finding a good community is key to your success as a business owner, in my opinion. If we all do our best to create a welcoming environment, the world will change for the better.

    Topics Discussed:

    What Community over Competition Means (4:20)

    Abundance Mindset (4:55)

    Elevate Others (8:58)

    Interactions (13:56)

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