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    Ep. 18 – My Insane Love for Shootproof

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    If you're a photographer, today's episode of the Business Journey Podcast is definitely worth a listen. I'm chatting all about my insane love for Shootproof, a gallery delivery system for photographers I literally cannot live without. It's one of the best delivery softwares that exist for photographers and I really think every photographer should be using it! Let's dive in because I want you to get started with it today!

    Before we get too far, I want to mention a free resource I've got for you as we get into mini session season! It's full of TWELVE proven mini-session themes that people absolutely love. So grab that HERE. Trust me, they'll get you started on the right foot with your mini-sessions this year!

    Why Shootproof

    I've been using Shootproof from the very, very beginning of my business. Initially, when I started using it, the primary reason that I stuck with it was because it was a good price point. I needed an inexpensive option at the start of my business, and I'm sure many of you can relate to that. Shootproof also allowed for me to send contracts and invoices and at the time, the only other CRM options with similar documents were super expensive. Eventually I grew into those systems (like Honeybook and Dubsado) but at the start, I wanted something that still looked and felt professional for a smaller price! As I grew into other CRMs, I still kept Shootproof as my delivery system because there's just SO many functionalities I really, really love!

    Limiting Downloads

    Shootproof has gallery presets so you can go in and set the parameters of a gallery you want to use over and over again, including how many downloads someone can get from their gallery. By limiting downloads to 5 (when I deliver 20-30 images), I can upsell my galleries which we've talked about before! But, Shootproof makes it SUPER easy for me to set up these downloads and I don't have to track them per client. It's already done in the system.

    Automated Email Campaigns

    One of my favorite features of Shootproof is their automated email campaigns. Whether you're doing a mini or full session, you can use this campaign feature to send reminders about downloading images, purchasing more, or whatever you want. It's a great and easy way to automate the upselling process for your sessions! You can set various triggers so that if they do or don't download images, they get certain emails. I don't know about you but I'm a little anxious about trying to sell directly to my clients but if the system is automatically doing it for me, then I can just relax and let Shootproof do it's job for me!

    Contracts & Invoices

    Like I mentioned at the beginning, Shootproof does have contracts and invoices built in. I think this is SO important – especially if you're at the early stages of your business. Instead of having to invest in a lot of softwares, you can invest in a smaller one that still allows you to look professional. You can easily lay out and track your projects, invoices, and contracts all within Shootpoof. You'll outgrow it eventually, but it's not a bad starting place!

    Shootproof is a GREAT delivery system for photographers in any stage. And if you're reading and thinking about switching, I want to encourage you to DO IT! But, of course, think about the pros and cons for your own business. I love the automation features included in Shootproof and they've made a huge difference in my ability to upsell galleries, which I love. Honestly, I'm always open to talk about ANY questions you have about Shootproof. We talk about it a ton in my Rebecca Rice Education Facebook group. If you want to learn more, check out my blog Why Every Photographer Should Be Using Shootproof!

    If you want to join my Facebook group, join us in Behind the Lens! Not only do you get the behind the scenes videos of sessions each month, plus a masterclass of a special topic but you also get access to my community online. We've got photographers in all stages of their business there asking questions and talking with each other, but it's seriously just SO supportive. I absolutely love it. Check out Behind the Lens Membership and join us this spring!

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