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    4 Reasons I Switched From ConvertKit to Flodesk

    I’ve used a lot of different systems in my business, but one of my favorites I’ve ever invested in is an email system called Flodesk! For a while I was using a system called ConvertKit (which was pretty much the industry standard). It was excellent and served me well, but when Flodesk came along it didn’t take long for me to make the switch. I really think this is the superior system for email marketing for photographers.

    The topic of ConvertKit vs. Flodesk is pretty common, so I figured I’d shed some light on my opinions! There are 4 main reasons I switched from ConvertKit to Flodesk. Keep reading to find out why I believe Flodesk is the better of the two.


    1. The Price

    This one was a big one. As my list grew, so did the monthly invoice with ConvertKit. It’s as if I was being punished for growing my email list! What I love most about Flodesk is that they include unlimited subscribers at no additional cost. Use my code HERE to receive 50% off the first year! It saved me SO much money, and the features were similar enough to meet my needs. It was a no-brainer!


    2. It’s User-Friendly

    ConvertKit gave me A LOT of issues on the user experience side. I like my emails to be pretty and have buttons and colors customized to my brand. To do this in ConvertKit, I had to learn some HTML coding! Um…no thanks! With Flodesk, everything is drag-and-drop and SUPER easy to customize. I call it the Canva of email systems because it’s just SO easy to use. Literally anyone can jump in there and make a stunning email easily!


    3. The Beautiful Templates

    While we’re on the topic of beautiful emails, Flodesk’s pre-made templates are TO DIE FOR!!! They’ve put so much thought and effort into designing free templates for us to just go in and add our text. It’s, again, easy to use and STUNNING! Their templates really helped to level up my brand and my email marketing as a whole. ConvertKit just doesn’t have that option.


    4. The Features

    Now I will say that ConvertKit does have some advanced features that Flodesk doesn’t have yet. Flodesk is still in Beta, meaning they’re still constantly adding new features based on customer feedback. There are some VERY advanced features that ConvertKit has that Flodesk doesn’t have like certain integrations or segmenting power, but overall Flodesk has all the features I need to get things done in my business. The average email marketer probably wouldn’t notice the lacking features in Flodesk because many people don’t even use them in ConvertKit. So for me, I think Flodesk is still the best system for email marketing for photographers. 


    Although ConvertKit is an excellent email marketing provider, Flodesk still takes the cake for us. It has all the features we need to market to our audience well, it’s SUPER user friendly and beautiful, and you just can’t beat the price. Want to check it out? Use THIS LINK to get 50% off your entire first year! 


    If you have any questions, DM me on Instagram @rebeccaricephotography and let’s chat!


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