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    The Best Camera Bodies for Beginner to Advanced Photographers

    I get a lot of questions about what camera body I use. “What settings do you use when taking photos?” “Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG?” and my personal favorite, “What camera should I buy?” 

    When people have questions about cameras and photography in general, that question can be a little broad. On top of my own opinions, we have the challenge of trying to take someone’s budget and give suggestions for a specific camera. 

    With that being said, today I’ll be outlining what my suggestions would be for beginners, intermediate photographers, and more advanced photographers! Fair warning, I’m a Canon girl so these recommendations are for my favorite Canon camera bodies.

    For Beginners

    If you are looking for an affordable camera to get started with, we recommend the Canon Rebel T5 as your primary choice. The T5 is a crop sensor camera that can be used for shooting in manual and automatic settings. It also has other great features like shooting video, and producing a bright and vibrant photo. If you are just getting into photography this is a great starter camera.

    Intermediate Photographers

    If you’re an intermediate photographer who’s looking for a camera to get your work published, the Canon 6D Mark II is an excellent option. It’s still a middle-of-the-road camera when compared to some of the more expensive DSLRs on the market. It has its limitations in low-light, but it will get you crisper images than a T5 can get you. I worked with a Canon 6D Mark II for about a year before upgrading, and it served me well!

    Advanced Photographers

    My favorite camera for advanced photographers is the Canon 5D Mark III. It delivers EXACTLY what you'd expect from a Canon camera: real- world sharpness, lively colors, and maximum convenience. For me, the 5D Mark III is a dream camera for any photographer who wants to get really crisp images without having to spend lots of time tinkering with settings or re-shooting the same scene over and over again. The dual-slots are also a MUST-HAVE for any wedding photographer. 

    Now although I haven’t shot with one, I hear the new mirrorless Canon R6 leaves the 5D Mark III in the dust! The focus locking in on eyes and seeing setting adjustments real-time as you look through the viewfinder are two features the Canon 5D Mark III just doesn’t have. If I upgrade my camera body, that’s the one I’ll be getting!


    I hope this helps! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to chat! Just find me on Instagram @rebeccaricephotography



    The Best Camera Body | Beginner to Advanced Photographers The Best Camera Body | Beginner to Advanced PhotographersThe Best Camera Body | Beginner to Advanced Photographers

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