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    Putting Social Back Into Social Media With Natasha Coyle

    When you think about social media as a photographer, what are the thoughts that come to mind first? I am guessing that overwhelmed, exhausted, daunting and confusing are thoughts that you might have. How do I know? Because I felt the exact same way. I know that social media can be an amazing tool in our businesses. And when I started photography I dived deep into education to learn as much as I could about everything from shooting to editing, business and marketing. I felt like I was given a roadmap for social media that I had to use to be successful. Today I'm going to share with you what I was TOLD to do and then give you the social media tips I ACTUALLY use.

    The Rules

    The rules were things like show your face every 9 squares and make sure to curate your feed to attract what you want to shoot. You wanted to make sure to post a pulled back shot next to a close up. You needed to plan out your content so much that it felt robotic and the social aspect of social media started to fade away. I played by these rules. And social media became a chore in my business. Something needed to change. Because if you are going to spend time creating for social media, shouldn’t there be a return on that investment of your time?

    What I Did Instead

    I decided to break some of the rules! I started creating and posting in a way that felt more social and less stagnant. And I am going to share ways that I put social back into social media to help you break the rut you might be in. Here are my social media tips!

    Short Form Videos

    Use short form video to market your business. I joined Tik Tok! If you have followed along for anytime with me, you know that Tik Tok was a pivotal moment in my business. Learning how to create short form video to attract my ideal audience was a game changer. It allowed me to put out videos that showcased more of my own personality and in return grew my business. But you do not have to join Tik Tok, if you are on Instagram, Reels is the same thing. You can start there! Short form video is new and refreshing. And the amazing thing about Reels on Instagram, the lifespan is weeks to months versus a static post that has a life span of 48 hours. If you are looking for ways to save time while making Reels, check out “How To Batch Your Instagram Reels”.

    Send Voice Messages

    When you respond to DMs, try the voice message feature. This feature is incredible for two reasons. First, you are able to put a voice to your brand and profile. If you want to put social back in your social media and allow others to build a relationship with you, sending them a voice message through DM is an easy way to do it. Also, sending a voice message just saves time. Typing out a message can take 4 times as long as recording out a 30 second answer to a DM! Give it a shot! You will be surprised the response you get from those on the receiving end. 

    Be Social

    When you are using social media, remember that you can not expect something if you give nothing. If you want others to authentically engage with you, you need to authentically engage. I truly believe that organic social media growth can happen if you change your view of social media. When you start getting to the root of what it is meant to be, and organically socialize with others, you will start to see that social media doesn’t have to be a chore. It can actually be an amazing asset to your business. So comment on others posts, like and share them to your stories. Show support for others in your industry, other businesses and potential clients. Start building authentic traction through engagement and see what happens.

    Marketing Tool

    Clearly social media is changing rapidly. There are new features everyday, and if you let it, it can feel like you are spinning your wheels. However, if you decide that social media is a marketing tool that you can use to really grow your business and connect with others, then breaking the rules and using these social media tips should feel like a weight is lifted. 

    As you think about new marketing with your business, I also encourage you to remember that social media is a piece of the bigger picture. And as you know, we do not own it. So make sure to have plans in place to invite your audience off of social media to continue conversations with them. Encourage your audience to go read your blogs and join your newsletter or email list. And from there you can continue to build a social relationship with your ideal clients and audience.


    Putting Social Back Into Social Media With Natasha Coyle | Social Media Tips


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    Putting Social Back Into Social Media With Natasha Coyle | Social Media Tips Putting Social Back Into Social Media With Natasha Coyle | Social Media Tips

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