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    Student Spotlight: Lauren Zoucha of Lauren Zoucha Photography

    I'm so excited to be introducing you to Lauren Zoucha today! She owns Lauren Zoucha Photography in Waxahachie, Texas – a small, charming town 30 minutes south of Dallas and she's just incredible. We're featuring her on our Student Spotlight and I can't wait for you to learn more about Lauren. She's been working hard to go full-time in her photography business and I'm just so proud of her!

    meet Lauren Zoucha of Lauren Zoucha Photography

    Tell me a little about your photography business!

    Family portraits, wanting to get into commercial, and also fine art composite photography.

    I started in 2013 part-time. Went pretty seriously into portraits and weddings until 2015 when I had my daughter. Then quit to just work my full-time job working at a university marketing department (been there 8 years) and focus on raising Sophia. I've still been shooting personal things, but not taking clients.

    I picked it back up last fall, but this time with plans to take it full-time by summer, and I'm super stoked about it!

    What started your photography journey?

    A love for art and fascination with photography. I got my first dslr for high school graduation and got my Canon 5D Mark iii in my first year of marriage after talking my husband's ear off about wanting to do wedding photography so much!

    What is your favorite thing about running a photography business?

    The service of families, the artistic nature of photography, the freedom to create my own schedule, and to control my own client experience and serve with excellence.

    What is something you’ve achieved that you’re proud of?

    Booking 20+ minis through a partnership with a local Tulip festival benefiting 12 North Texas charities!!!

    If you could tell your past self one thing, what would it be?

    You have permission to get to know yourself and your purpose. What does God say you are? Then you're that. And literally nothing else matters.

    Where can we find you and Lauren Zoucha Photography!?




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