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    Ep. 54 5 Tips for Planning Spring Minis

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    Guess what friends… Spring Minis are upon us! I am excited to kickstart this process and give you five tips for Spring Minis. Maybe you're in the midst of Valentine's Minis or haven't had the headspace to think that far in advance. But let me tell you, if you aren't prepping now you may miss the opportunity to hit a home run!
    Before we get started I can't help but remind you, my largest course to date is OPEN right now! Profitable Minis 2.0 is only open twice a year and it's currently up for grabs. Oh and did I mention… it's 50% off! This course covers everything that you need to know to run profitable, fully booked mini sessions. The best part is it comes with a success guarantee. That means if you don't make your money back on your next major set of minis I'll refund 100%. Get the course, learn all the things and watch your mini sessions soar!
    For those that have PMC 2.0 you know what a game changer it is and how it plays such a big role in preparing for those Spring Minis! So, today I'll be outlining 5 tips for planning Spring Minis. When is that season? Prime time is March, April, May.

    Tip #1: Start Early

    Seriously, you need to get after it. If you have't already get out and capture those promo shots. You want something to be able to show people for advertisement. Whether you're using a studio, a setup or going out to a location you need a photo to promote to the public! If you shot these last year then (yay!) you're a step ahead and can use promo shots from last year. I see this question a lot: “What do I use as a promo if I'm shooting a seasonal background for the first time?” So if you need promos but bluebonnets don't bloom until April use a stock photo. Don't steal a photo and definitely don't pay for one. Just find a free stock photo and use that along with a session you've done to showcase your style/work. Only do this for outdoor sessions that are seasonal. If you're able to get promo shots on location with the actual setup… do it!

    Tip #2: Start Priming Your Audience

    Don't wait to advertise when you're open for booking. You need to wet their appetite for what's ahead. This way you're building anticipation for when the “doors open” to book and you won't find yourself frustrated with a low interest rate. We do something special for our VIP list. This is a really great way to grow your email list from your social media. Advertise that your VIPs get priority access to booking minis! Meaning they can book their spot before it goes live to the public. How do you become a VIP? You join the mailing list! Post a question box on your Instagram stories and have people drop their email in. So easy and so rewarding! Priming is vital. Send out early emails letting people know what's coming and why they need to book. Address concerns or opposition. Kids change so much in 5 or 6 months. You can use these for birthday invites. Spring is a completely different season and you should mix up your family photos. These are all reasons clients are on the fence about getting Spring Minis when they just had Fall Minis.

    Tip #3: Open to Your Email List First

    This was part of the last one, but really you need reason behind why someone should join your email list. Words like VIP and priority access are trigger words for buyers. Everyone wants to be a step above and why shouldn't they when it comes to your business. The beauty in this is the longer you've grown your email list you eventually won't need to open to the public. VIPs will end up filling your time slots and they become your recurring ideal client!

    Tip #4: Open One Date at a Time

    Fill all your spots on that one date before opening a second. I know in your mind you want to give options to attract clients. But, this has a few advantages. For one, it's supply and demand. The more slots you have available the less in demand. The less slots you have available the more in demand! This allows you to control your schedule and not have holes. When we open to our VIPs we give access to all the dates. I only suggest doing this if you're confident you will fill both dates.

    Tip #5: Advertise Until Booked

    I know it can be easy to launch your minis and let the hype just kind of fall off. It takes the average person eight times seeing something before they take action. That means you've got to keep it in front of them through your email list, social media, all the marketing! I'm telling you, when you finally get tired of hearing about your mini sessions that's when people will hear it for the first time!

    These 5 tips for Spring Minis skimmed the surface of some of the great content in the Profitable Minis 2.0 course! It's on sale right now for 50% off. You'll get access to over 15 hours of content including 67 lessons and modules covering my go to softwares like Flodesk, Dubsado and Shootproof. If you're serious about making a profit on your mini sessions you need this course!

    To learn my number 1 marketing tip to book more clients for Spring Minis, checkout this blog!

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    Start Early (3:11)

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    Open One Date at a Time (10:01)

    Advertise Until Booked (11:56)

    5 Tips for Spring Minis 5 Tips for Spring Minis 5 Tips for Spring Minis

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