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    4 Reasons Your Mini Sessions Aren’t Booking

    Every season there are photographers that get excited about mini sessions, they go all in and then it falls flat. Trust me, you are not the only one in this category! Today I'll be addressing 4 reasons why your mini sessions aren't booking. There are typically some tangible mini session tips we can look at to get you back on track!

    Also, I've got a FREE guide called my $3K Mini Sessions Blueprint. Yes, it is more than possible to make $3,000 on your first set of minis. This guide is customizable so you can rinse and repeating using it every time to get you profitable in your business! Now let's get to those 4 reasons your mini sessions aren't booking!

    It's a Bad Season

    Minis are extremely seasonal sessions. We need to be running minis in the Spring and in the Fall. This is when people are looking to get photos. Spring is when we're all coming out of this cooped up winter and you can finally get out and enjoy nature's beauty again! Fall is the prequel to holidays! So take a look at when you're scheduling minis and ask yourself which season you're in. Are you playing into clients' existing desire to get photos?

    An Undesirable Theme

    Mini Sessions are amazing because they can be so versatile. Whether you're doing a setup or just utilizing nature like blue bonnets, wildflowers, etc. Don't over-complicate it. When your theme is specific it needs to be something people desire. Don't do a theme that someone could shoot themselves, choose something unique and special.

    Poor Marketing

    Listen, posting on your Facebook and Instagram is not enough! Only 4% of your followers actually see what you are posting. (Thanks a lot algorithms) It's not that your marketing is bad, it's just not enough. You need a plan in place, one that's more built out. You can run Facebook ads, build an email list, partner with local businesses, etc. Marketing can be your greatest resource, it just takes some planning and time!

    Not Getting a Head Start

    Give yourself time to book. I suggest 6-8 weeks in advance to market and book! Whether you have a large client base or not, this amount of time is really that sweet spot for filling slots. If your sessions don't book out within 24 hours don't get discouraged. Keep posting, keep sending out emails, keep talking about what's ahead! Remember, it's not that people don't want to book – they just need time to be made aware of what's coming!

    Photographer, you've got this! Use these 4 mini session tips and make the needed adjustments! Your mini sessions can be profitable and less stressful. Don't forget to grab my $3K Mini Sessions Blueprint so you can have a system in place to follow.

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    4 Reasons Your Mini Sessions Aren't Booking

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