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    Ep. 60 Tips for Posing When Dad is Just Not Into It

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    Friends have you ever been in a session when Dad is just not into it?! I feel like it doesn't happen as often as we tend to think, but there are the occasional shoots where you've got to be extra strategic to create genuine photos. Before opening up this topic on tips for posing when Dad is just not into it, I wanted to let you know of a FREE live class this week on POSING! There are 3 times to join happening on Wednesday and Thursday. The class is called The Keys to Effortless Family Posing: Say Goodbye to Awkward and Stiff! If you want to get comfortable with posing your families, not just families with toddlers, but all different kinds of families then this class is for you. Register HERE to claim your spot and receive the replay! Only those that register will get the replay, so if you won't make the class you can still get the recording! So here are some great tips for posing when Dad is just not into it.

    Confidence Extinguishes Hesitation

    I've had a few sessions where everything was set up perfectly, the lighting is brilliant and the family looks gorgeous, but for some reason there was tension surrounding Dad. Maybe he was having an off day, maybe pictures make him uncomfortable or maybe he just flat out didn't want to do the session in the first place. One thing you can do to “combat” this is to be confident. I know I mentioned this point in my last podcast. Here's the thing, if Dad is already in this state of mind you don't want to give him any ammunition toward you as the photographer or his wife who dragged him there! Don't let the attitude effect you. You control your attitude and really the feel of the session.

    Keep Things Moving

    No one really likes waiting around, especially a Dad who is uninterested. Something you can do is stay active and keep the session going. Don't waste time with the fluff of small talk. And here's the beauty of mini sessions — they are only 10-15 minutes! I will tell the Dad if I sense he's giving me attitude or just is unhappy that I need your focus for 10 minutes then you can be done. One of my strategies is using my workflow. Essentially, I have a set of poses or groupings that I do in order, every single time, with every single family. By having that in place, it helps me to know what's coming next. And, therefore, I'm keeping the session moving.

    Encourage Good Behavior

    Just like we reward our kids with good behavior we should encourage adults with good behavior. I know this sounds silly, but if Dad is being childish then you have the freedom to put him in the same category as the kids. That means when you're giving direction it's directed to the Mom. Most of the time Mom already feels embarrassed because she's aware of the tension so you encouraging her is a huge help! Don't give attention to the frustration. Rather, encourage mom because dad is just not into it. Encouraging the right behavior is letting Mom be seen. You're rewarding her for taking time to make this happen. Take advantage of the moment and pour into her, she probably needs it!

    Focusing on the big picture is crucial in these moments. These tips for posing when dad is just not into it can make a difference. Give voice to why photos are valuable and remember these cases are few and far between. Most of the time Dad is happy to be there. He's excited to be capturing memories and freezing time for a moment. When you have a tough session don't let your emotions play into the situation. Be the confident photographer that you are, keep your session moving and encourage all the good behavior! You should feel confident in your posing because that is the art of what we do. And don't forget to register for the free classes happening this week. We will have a live Q&A so if you have questions I'm not touching on this is your chance to get answers!

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