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    7 Tips for Shooting at the Beach | Beach Photography Tips

    Beach Sessions are my FAVE types of sessions! I've had the pleasure of capturing plenty of beach photography sessions and today I'm excited to share 7 Tips for Shooting at the Beach. But before I do I wanted to share with you a FREE class that will help you legitimize your photography business. The class is called 5 Steps to Launching Your Photography Side-Gig! Take the class to learn how you can grow your side gig while still working your full time job! Now as I was saying, I've been privileged to shoot beach photography and I've learned quite a few tips for shooting at the beach. It's one of those sessions you just can't stop smiling about.

    Shoot with the Sun Behind Your Clients

    Obviously depending on which coast you're located you may not be able to shoot with the sun setting over the water. If that's the case I suggest waiting until the end of your session in the evenings to have a softer light. With the sun behind them you can adjust the brightness of your subjects if needed and are still able to get that glowing light.

    Shoot Down the Shore

    Rather than posing clients to have their backs to the water the only thing you see is the water. I know that it's beautiful, but when you shoot with the water on their side and include the rest of the coastline you get this gorgeous dimension! It allows the ocean to have a contrast and sets it apart.

    Don't go too Wide with Aperture

    This is your F Stop. If you go too wide or the number is too low you may not be able to see what's behind them (that gorgeous beach!) Although this gives a creamy background you can still achieve that feel with numbers around 2.4-2.8. If you're along the shore you can bump it up to 3.2 to grab some of that detail in the background. We're striving for “dreamy creamy” not so blurred out you lose the distinction of the beach!

    Keep Babies out of the Sand

    Sand and babies just don't mix. They either love or hate the feel of it and there's something about babies skin that makes sand stubbornly stick! So, get all the posed photos first then let baby explore and play. Once they're down they most likely won't want to get picked up.

    Let Little Ones Explore

    These candids are often favorites because their exploration provokes joy in everyone! Carve out extra time for this section of your shoot. Kids are going to want to play and touch and look and do ALL the things at the beach. You'll want those close ups of the little ones toes in the sand and trust me, so will mom and dad!

    Get Creative with Composition

    When you're shooting at the beach you may have to battle it being busy. That means you'll want to think of what's in the background. It's much easier to crop people out than to edit them out! So adjust your positioning, be aware of the background and make adjustments in the moment rather than in the edit.

    Don't be Afraid to Get in the Water

    When you're shooting at the beach you should EXPERIENCE the ocean! I know most times clients are wearing nicer clothes, but at least offer this at the end of the session. You're capturing memories and most times clients LOVE the idea of being able to play in the shallow water. I typically stay out of the water to protect my camera, but it's a really fun way to end the shoot.

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    7 Tips for Shooting at the Beach

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