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Ep 72 - Should you add associate shooters? -


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Ep 72 – Should you add associate shooters?

  1. Sharyn Dobin says:

    So many questions!!
    How do you find your associates?
    How do you pick locations in towns you have never been to?
    How do you transfer raw images from associate to you?
    What is your fee for a conversation about this topic and have you done a group mentoring zoom on this topic or will you do that?
    I do use an associate with me in fall season rather than turn a client away but we work near each other in the same location at the same time. So in essence I double book every time slot and have a greeter to check in the client.
    And…I am happy to see you discuss this topic…thank you!

  2. Rebecca Rice says:

    Great questions, Sharyn! Sometimes my associates are students, sometimes they’re friends of friends, or people I already know and train from the ground up.

    My associates pick our locations if they’re out of town.

    We use WeTransfer to transfer RAW images.

    I offer 1:1 zoom mentoring for this! Email me and we can chat details! I think you’re in a great place to add associates to your business.

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