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    Ep 78 – Why I Still Blog Every Week

    Resources Mentioned: Free Email Marketing Guide | Blogging and SEO Mini Course

    Blogging is honestly one of my FAVORITE things, specifically for long-term marketing. Now I will say I didn't enjoy this in the beginning because it's for the long term play. I'll be sharing my photography marketing tips and why I still blog every week in this episode. But, before I do, I wanted to give you this new, completely free, Email Marketing Guide. If you want to see your subscriber list go from 0 to 100 then be sure to grab it. This step by step guide will walk through exactly what to do to see growth in your subscriber list! So, when it comes to blogging let me say: blogging is not dead!

    Getting Found on Google

    Blogging is HUGE when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). This is important because although social media is grabbing attention it's also based off of algorithms. That means you may or may not get found. That is why I think blogging is one of my best photography marketing tips! I use a platform called WordPress that has a free plugin called Yoast SEO. So, it gives me a checklist of things to do in order to optimize my blog! I am increasing my SEO which gives me the ability to be found on google. It's basically doing my marketing for me!

    The Shelf Life

    A blog's “shelf life” is YEARS. I still get hits on blogs I wrote years ago which connects them to my site, etc. You can't really say the same for social media. People are not seeing posts you made 1, 2 or 3 years ago. The beauty of google is they don't just store blogs in the posts section, but also images. I've had people reach out to me because they found an image of a session I blogged about and now they are a new client!

    Easy to Repurpose

    Blog content is so easy to repurpose. For instance, if I write a blog on a family session I did I can reuse the content for social media posts or, one of my favorites, Pinterest! Pinterest is great for visuals like photography. I use tailwind and to automate my Pinterest and I do it once a month. We load up the queue which does take a few hours, but then Pinterest is sending out pins automatically for me for the next month! That is my #2 resource for driving people to my website. My #1 resource is definitely YouTube.

    An Extended Portfolio

    Another reason why I still blog every week is because it acts as a portfolio. This is super helpful when you have someone asking to see examples of specific sessions. Sure your Facebook and Instagram might seem like they cover that in marketing, but when you have blogs you can easily search and send them a link! Maybe they're wanting to see images from a specific location. You can have blog posts that act as location spotlights. Blogging really is such a resource for your future clients.

    Answer FAQs

    Pay attention to questions that people ask leading up to their sessions. For example, “Can I bring my dog to my session?” You can literally have an entire blog post about pets and policies. By creating blog content that answers common questions or gives tips you can send these to clients! I can't tell you how much I recommend blogging. And maybe the thought of every week is overwhelming to you, then start with once a month.

    Blogging and SEO Mini Course

    Blogging is such a powerful way to get found on Google, to be able to create content to share on your social media, to share with your email list and serve your clients well. Have you been wondering what to write? How to create a blog? How to optimize for SEO? I created a course called Blogging and SEO Mini Course that answers ALL the questions and gives you my best photography marketing tips for blogging! It gives you 52 blog ideas, specific FAQs you could start with, blogging templates and an SEO checklist. So it walks you through all the pieces to put together a blog optimized so you get found on Google easier. There are screenshares inside so you can see how to tackle it all. If I can fall in love with blogging anyone can, trust me!

    What We Discussed

    Getting Found on Google (2:30)
    The Shelf Life (3:47)
    Easy to Repurpose (5:26)
    An Extended Portfolio (7:03)
    Answer FAQs (8:52)
    Blogging and SEO Mini Course (10:40)

    Why I Still Blog

    For Photographers:

    For Families:

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