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    Ep 79 – What I’d do if I was starting my business in 2022

    Today's topic is an interesting one! I'm talking about what I would do if I was starting my business in 2022! It's going to be a good one, but I do have this free guide to help you get going! It's called the “9 Steps to Make Your Photo Business Official.” It helps you through the initial startup and covers things that every business owner needs! So, here are my business tips if I was starting my business in 2022…

    Start Email Marketing Early

    Email marketing is the easiest way to book photo sessions from your warmest clients. They know you, trust you and want more of what you have! You want to start an email list of these clients. I call them the VIP clients. This way you market to them first without having to go to the public. That definitely takes time, but that's why you need to start NOW! An email list is something you own so you have control unlike social media platforms where things are constantly changing. I use Flodesk as a platform and have loved it. Flodesk is easy to use, it's beautiful and I've got a FREE guide to grow your email list from 0 to 100! You can use my code HERE to get 50% off for life and get that list going!

    Get Legit

    Before you start take paying clients you need to register your business as either an LLC or Sole Proprietor. This sets you up to be legit moving forward. Even if you're not making much, this is important! The next thing to get legit is by getting a contract in place. And not just any contract, but one a lawyer has looked at or approved. Regardless of the type of session, you need one in place to protect both you and your clients. I have a contract that's been lawyer approved, it's customizable and it's the same one I use for all my sessions! You can grab that HERE. Lastly, you want to get a good CRM in place. It allows you to automate contracts and invoices. Everything is done online and my fave is Dubsado. More info on these business tips in the podcast, so give it a listen!

    Start Charging Profitably

    There's a myth out there that says if you are newer you have to charge a lot less than established photographers. Now obviously if your skill is not up to par you shouldn't be charging $1000 per session. But you still need to make a profit by charging enough to keep the doors open for your business. You can find out what that price needs to be by doing a Cost of Doing Business or CODB. Check out THIS tutorial to find out yours!

    Invest in Education before Gear

    I did this backward when I first started. It set me back at least a year. I could have launched faster and gone farther in my business early on had I invested in education first! As far as gear goes, get together a full frame body, one solid lens and a cheap flash and you're good to go.

    Find Community

    Especially in the photography industry you should find yourself a good community. I know it seems like there are only pockets of people in photography that are helpful, encouraging and willing to share. But we were not created to do this alone. I have a Facebook community called “Mom-Photography 101” and they are incredible! We strongly believe in community over competition so check that out and join us! These are my business tips if I was starting my business in 2022 and hopefully it helps you!

    What We Discussed

    Start Email Marketing Early (2:05)
    Get Legit (4:42)
    Start Charging Profitably (7:43)
    Invest in Education before Gear (9:44)
    Find Community (11:30)

    What I'd do if I was starting my business in 2022 | Business TipsWhat I'd do if I was starting my business in 2022 | Business TipsWhat I'd do if I was starting my business in 2022 | Business Tips

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