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    Mini Sessions Photography Tips | When to Start Advertising For Minis

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    Are you struggling to book out your mini sessions? Knowing when to start advertising for minis is crucial if you want sessions FULLY booked! I'm sharing my best mini-sessions marketing tips to finally book out your minis.

    Before diving in I have a free guide to help you make $3000 on a single date of minis. It's called my “3k Mini Sessions Blueprint” and will act as a “blueprint” in being profitable when it comes to mini sessions. Grab that as a supplement to the topic today: When to start advertising for minis. One of biggest mistakes I see people make is they don't START soon enough.

    Start 4-6 Weeks Out

    If you want fully booked mini session dates you need to give your clients adequate time to book. Start advertising with your VIP email list. This is your warmest audience and it gives them a chance to get in before you go public. Public means you're in front of people who may not know you. Facebook groups (that allow advertising), partnering with local businesses and running FB ads! Before diving into the world of FB ads be sure you educate yourself, otherwise you'll spend more money than you take in! I have a FB Ad Mini Course that will walk you through everything needed to run them successfully.

    Before Advertisement Prep

    There are things you should have in place before advertising to assist in your advertising. Promo shots are one of them! They should include a real family so it gives credibility and allows your potential clients to see themselves in your photos. Another to-do is prepping automations and workflows! I use Dubsado as my CRM and it sends a contract, invoice, Client Experience Guide, Questionnaire and Final Info Email to answer any questions they have! This lets me have incredible communication in place to serve clients well. All these are customizable and available in my shop so you can serve your clients with excellence too! I know this can all seem like a lot, so I've created a Mini Sessions Playbook that acts as a timeline for you. It reminds you when things need to get done and starts 9 weeks out!

    Want more details? Check out the video below and find out one of my best mini-sessions marketing tips!

    When to Start Advertising For Minis


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