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    Ep 82 – How to Prep your Business for a Busy Fall Season


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    How many of you are ready for Fall?! I have a Free Minis Class on mini sessions and right now is the best time to do it! Especially if you're wanting to have a successful mini season. There are no catches or gimmicks, just a great class filled with tons of info! Today I'm talking all about how to prep your business for a busy fall season. I've done this well and not so well! Here are some practical things that will make a huge difference during your photography busy season. Instead of being burnt out and exhausted you can look back and be proud of what all took place. So here are your practical applications on how to prep your business for a busy fall season…

    Set up Your CRM Workflows and Automations

    This is STEP 1! Now, regardless of what you're using it should do the work for you. I love Dubsado, but maybe you use Honeybook, etc. Rather than having to remember to send contracts, invoices and forms you can have them automated! So all the emails that go out, the client experience guide, the whole sequence can be triggered and serve our clients without me having to think about it!

    Refresh Your Client Experience

    Write down all the steps you have in place to serve your clients. What emails are you sending them, do you have style guides, are you answering last minute questions. Maybe you've been wanting to give a Client Experience Guide, which is my version of a style guide, now is the time to do it! Don't wait for the photography busy season to fix or add what you're doing. And if you want to start sending one, but you're not sure where to start you can grab mine in my shop. It's a Canva template that's pre-written so you can add photos and it's done! Maybe you need to add a Final Info Email to answer those questions. I've got Email Templates as well to make things easy for you!

    Schedule Rest

    Blank space is not bad space! It's needed. I remember being just miserable early on, especially when I had little babies! I became intentional about when I would shoot. So, I chose either Saturday or Sunday but not both. It's important to give time to rest, protect your mental health and honor your family. When I finished that season I can remember feeling so giddy and excited that I did it and did it well! So, mark out some boundaries and remember your time matters – protect it!

    Outsource and Train

    If you're new to outsourcing I suggest starting with an editor. Don't wait for busy season to find them. Get to know an editor now to make sure your style is honed in on. When you try to book an editor in the midst of busy season they most likely will be busy themselves! And if you have an editor and are trying to add an online assistant trust me, that takes time. Training is not just an overnight process and you'll need to share your brain to communicate what's expected or needed.

    I've got more in store for you next week on how to prep for photography busy season, but for now you can check out some other blogs to help you along the way!

    What We Discussed

    Set up Your CRM Workflows and Automations (3:55)
    Refresh Your Client Experience (6:23)
    Schedule Rest (8:10)
    Outsource and Train (11:17)

    How to Prep Your Business For a Busy Fall Season | Photography Busy Season How to Prep Your Business For a Busy Fall Season | Photography Busy Season How to Prep Your Business For a Busy Fall Season | Photography Busy Season

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