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    Ep 83 – How to Prep your Family for a Busy Fall Season

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    Last week we talked about prepping your business, but today we're going after how to prep your family for a busy fall season! I also have a Free Minis Class that will help you so much before diving head first into busy season. You should be booking minis right now so if you're not you need this class! Now, let's talk about my mom photography tips. For me family is one of the most important aspects of my life. When I look back I did my family a disservice when it came to busy season. Let's learn how to succeed in business while protecting our families!

    Talk About Family Rhythms

    Start having conversations now about the upcoming season. Understanding the world doesn't revolve around your sessions and your spouse or kids also have agendas they want to accomplish is vital. I like to talk about it like a rhythm rather than a routine. Routines are usually concrete, but a rhythm (much like music) gives you space to speed up and slow down. In busy season I typically shoot on weekends, but summer I am able to be home with kids, etc. Talking about what's coming now helps give my spouse understanding. Remember he is not a photographer and doesn't know the schedule! In these convos we can talk through daily schedules and what boundaries will look like. Find what works for your family and prepare your family for a busy season! It won't last forever.

    Plan Out Dates

    I open up my photography schedule to my spouse and show him what I want to do. Then he has space to veto something and have a say. We want to plan around birthdays and other events. This way I'm not going into the next month with a plan to shoot every weekend when we have a family birthday or something else going on.

    Hire Childcare if Possible

    I know hiring childcare may not be feasible for your family. But if it is, I highly suggest doing it! Even if it's just 1-2 days a week. You could even price it out and add it into the overall cost of your sessions. Knowing your kids are being taken care of will give you peace of mind. You will be able to give yourself 100% to the hustle without feeling torn. Obviously you need to do what works, but trust me, it's worth it if you can!

    Understanding Hustle Season

    What is this going to look like and when is it going to end? This is what needs to be communicated to your family. When you set the expectation there aren't surprises! Literally pull out a calendar and circle a date that determines the END of your hustle season. We have a rule in our business that there are NO sessions after the first week of December. When you have an end in sight you can endure the craziness! In my business, we take the entire month of December is off. My husband knows after that first week, life is “back to normal”. Having an end date gives you a goal to push through. And hold the line! Do not let yourself go beyond that point. Living in a never ending hustle is not healthy and your family deserves your time/energy.

    Preparing your business is important, but I would say knowing how to prep your family for a busy fall season takes priority! I'm just as passionate about family as I am about business, so I love giving mom photography tips as well! Don't forget to sign up for the Free Class and get yourself ready for what's ahead!

    What We Discussed

    Talk About Family Rhythms (3:31)
    Plan Out Dates (7:51)
    Hire Childcare if Possible (9:09)
    Understanding Hustle Season (10:09)

    Ep 83 - How to Prep your Family for a Busy Fall Season | Mom Photography Tips Ep 83 - How to Prep your Family for a Busy Fall Season | Mom Photography Tips Ep 83 - How to Prep your Family for a Busy Fall Season | Mom Photography Tips

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