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    Ep 85 – My Photography Client Workflow

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    More Resources: Free Posing Class | Dubsado | Shootproof

    This is a tricky one for me! If you're a visual learner and want this “drawn” out just let me know! I'm going to be walking you through my photography client workflow. More specifically, the back end of what my clients go through with me for a session – their client experience! Before getting in too deep I want to remind you of a FREE class I have all about posing. It's called the Keys to Effective Family Posing and inside I unravel elements you need to pose families well! Click the link, learn a ton and head into your next session excited to implement! Now here's my best verbal explanation of my photography client workflow…

    Trello Organization

    This is one of my top tools I use and it's basically a business management tool. In it I have an entire board for my photography client workflow. Each client gets their own card on the board that has a massive checklist. It includes all the pertinent info for the client (name, email, location, date, time, etc.). Every step of booking, Dubsado workflow, leading up to the session, final payment info, etc! Post processing: editing, uploading, backing up hard drives, etc. When I said everything I meant everything! So that's where I start. Getting all the info and workflow in an organized place.


    I use this to send contracts and invoices, additional emails, the questionnaire, the client experience guide and the final info email. So all our clients are housed here because this is where they are served and communicated with. Clients don't see or have any involvement in Trello (that's in house).

    Private Editor & Lightroom Classic CC

    The next step is sending all our images to our private editor and we use Lightroom classic cc to edit all our images! We put images in Lightroom and once they're ready to be edited and include smart previews. That's how we send them to our editor. Rather than having to send all the raws we send them the Lightroom catalog that has smart previews. This allows our editor to edit the images without having the files. After editing in Lightroom they send it back and we are able to make final tweaks and crops to the images. After all that we export and it's on to the next…


    It's finally time for delivery! I use Shootproof to deliver galleries. We also upload our final images to Google drive as a virtual back up. You can never be too safe. We don't keep a back up of raw images, however, images aren't deleted until 2 weeks after the gallery has been delivered.

    Was that a lot? Here's a recap: Start with the big checklist in Trello! Next is contracts, forms, invoices in Dubsado. Lastly, deliver the galleries in Shootproof. If you are lost in any way feel free to reach out and ask more about my photography client workflow. And check out the resources mentioned above to help you out and give your clients a great client experience!

    What We Discussed

    Trello Organization (2:59)
    Dubsado (6:58)
    Private Editor & Lightroom Classic CC (7:33)
    Shootproof (8:23)

    Ep 85 - My Photography Client Workflow | Client Experience Ep 85 - My Photography Client Workflow | Client Experience

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