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    Simple Tips for Planning Instagram Content

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    I can't wait to share some of my simple tips for planning Instagram content! Photographers should have a presence for their brand on social media – especially Instagram (the platform built on photos). But if we aren't intentional in our planning it can feel overwhelming or forgotten. Before jumping into these easy social media tips I have a FREE class called “Keys to Effective Family Posing” just for you! Posing is more important than we realize. If a pose feels awkward it will look awkward too! In this class I give you keys to creating genuine poses that aren't stiff an uncomfortable. Use them in your next session and use them on your Instagram feed to attract more clients. Now let's figure out how to plan our Instagram content!

    Planning is Important

    It's very helpful to get a system in place. One that helps you schedule so you can plan out your content. I currently use Plann! You don't have to have a scheduler, but it does make it easier. I've used plenty of platforms and this one has a beautiful interface that's easy to understand. Plann does have a free option you can look into as well! The next thing I do is curate my feed. What does that mean? I'm going through my sessions and pulling different images that are not only pretty, but represent my brand well. I lay it all out inside of Plann and make sure my grid looks right. Potential clients aren't always looking at individual posts, but the overall feel of the feed! You can see how I curate a feed in real time inside Behind the Lens. I actually screen record and teach through why I'm pulling specific images and placing them next to other photos. You can check out that membership HERE!

    Consistent Posting

    Instagram really rewards consistency. So, your next step is to plan out your posts. One thing to note is that consistency is not the same as frequency. You do not have to post a lot, but planning how often you post is important. Look at what content you're already putting out there and post alongside them. So if you blog on Wednesdays post a photo about that blog on the same day. Maybe you can add a “sneak peek” on Mondays. The goal is to reuse your current content to create a full Instagram feed!

    Content Buckets

    After planning your current content you can create “content buckets”. Basically these are topics or buckets you want to talk about often in your brand. An example could be your client experience. What do you want clients to know about your client experience? Maybe another bucket is frequently asked questions. And lastly, you could simply have a personal bucket. What are you interested in? What do you want to encourage people with? You have to remember people are interested in knowing the person behind the camera not just your pretty pictures. So, put together 3-5 content buckets and start planning out your week of content!


    Lastly, I think it's worth mentioning your posts do not have to match captions! The purpose of the photo is to stop someone's scroll and the purpose of the caption is to educate your client, answer questions or become more relatable!

    These social media tips are decently broad so you can tweak them to make it work for you. I like to sit down, plan and schedule things so I don't spend time every day getting sucked into the world of social media. It's necessary to have a presence, but these simple social media tips for planning Instagram content make it more realistic in running a business! Reach out if you have any questions. Hopefully this helps you and your business.

    Simple Tips for Planning Instagram Content | Social Media Tips Simple Tips for Planning Instagram Content | Social Media Tips Simple Tips for Planning Instagram Content | Social Media Tips

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