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    Ep 92 – What to do when Life Happens!

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    Welcome to the new year friends! Seems a bit wild that we are already getting settled into 2023, but I wanted to talk to you about what to do when life happens and how to stay flexible in your business. I wasn't sure if I was going to share, however, I know this is common and real! Before unraveling what took place for me and my family back in September, I do have a FREE blueprint called the 3k Mini Sessions Blueprint. If you want to run profitable mini sessions this Spring you should grab this free resource. It's actually the right time to start prepping for Spring and I want you to successfully execute those! If you've never made $3000 in a single date of minis it's your year to do just that.  Ok, are you ready to hear why I didn't work for a whole month?! Here's what to do when life happens and what exactly took place in September!

    The Backstory

    I have two kids, a girl and boy who I absolutely adore. My daughter is in a hybrid homeschool so she's at school for three days and the other two she's home and we do homeschool. My son is three years old and just started a new preschool this fall. And this year we sought out to potty train him. It was on and off since January, but we were hopeful it would click for him over the summer. Wrong! He's very strong willed and also doesn't care if he's messy or running a muck. Such a boy! Well, the preschool (like most) required him to be fully potty trained. He would have days where he was good and then days where I literally followed him around naked because it was accident after accident. Any mamas out there that can relate?!

    So when September came and he wasn't allowed in school, I had to step in majorly as mom and get this resolved! That also meant an unexpected month away from the business. So what did I learn that could hopefully help you know what to do when life happens?

    Be Realistic with Time and Energy

    I knew I couldn't be at my computer for extended periods of time and some days not at all. And following around a toddler leaves you feeling drained. I had to figure out what was the bare minimum in my business. So, I made a list of must-have to-dos that my business needed from me. I suggest you do the same for these emergencies that pop up. Then go through and determine what is the bare minimum of what's required. Blogging will probably be on pause, book keeping may pile up a bit, etc. Think through the vital items and only put your hand to that.

    Reevaluate Goals

    Sometimes it's disheartening to adjust your quarterly business goals, but it's necessary. I had to look at my goals and determine what was most important. In that season I knew we wouldn't hit our business goals, but my son officially being potty trained was. These were long and challenging days, but I had quality time with him that I won't forget. So, business owner, photographer, mom… it is ok to adjust your goals!

    Give Yourself Grace

    You need to give yourself permission to step back and be where you're needed most. That's also the freedom of being business owners! It can be daunting to serve other areas of your life and put business on the wayside. But when you have things in place you can stay flexible in your business. Give yourself grace to put first things first! The season won't last forever and the “norm” will return.

    As we're starting out 2023, and you've given yourself that grace for seasons that occurred last year that were out of you control, check out my video How I'm Prepping My Photography Business for Q1 of 2023! You'll get yourself off on the right foot!

    What We Discussed

    The Backstory (3:12)
    Be Realistic with Time & Energy (9:09)
    Reevaluate Goals (16:37)
    Give Yourself Grace (19:36)

    What to do When Life Happens and How to Stay Flexible in your Business What to do When Life Happens and How to Stay Flexible in your Business What to do When Life Happens and How to Stay Flexible in your Business

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