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5 Family Photographer Website Must-Haves

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Do you have a photography business website in place? Whether you do or don’t, this video will help you tremendously! We recently updated our Wisp + Willow website and showcased 5 family photographer website must-haves. Get ready to take some notes and get your website up to date! Before jumping in, here is a FREE guide called my $3k Mini Sessions Blueprint to help you effectively run minis. Especially if you’ve never made $3,000 off a single date of minis – you’ll want to grab that! Now, let’s dive into our photography website tips!

Photography Website Tips

First things first, you want to be sure you clearly state who you are, where you’re located and who you serve! I call this the “home screen hub” because it’s your first impression! Your home screen should help navigate clients to ALL the necessary things below. Inside this video I share my screen so you can look at an actual website and see what’s included. We cover things like “meet the photographer,” testimonials, contact and more! Make sure your website covers all these bases and be sure to put your own spin on things! Copying is not creative and this industry is made for the creatives! That’s you! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Make sure you use these 5 photography website tips and you’ll be golden!

5 Family Photographer Website Must-Haves | Photography Website Tips 5 Family Photographer Website Must-Haves | Photography Website Tips 5 Family Photographer Website Must-Haves

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