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    Behind the Lens: Nashville Field Family Session

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    Get ready for the most stunning field session you've ever seen. I love when nature is the perfect backdrop. All those creamy colors, not to mention the family came with gorgeous outfits! This Nashville family session was fun to shoot in a field. I definitely played around with the composition in order to capture the right field look. You'll see a natural flow in each image – that's exactly what we were hoping for! And, take a look at the little one's personalities shining through! Scroll through and get field inspo for your next session. You can even view the full gallery in my Behind the Lens Session!

    Nashville Field Family Session

    This session is a Behind the Lens feature! You can come behind the scenes with me and watch how I interacted with the family. You'll see how I created this full Nashville family session gallery and served my clients in the process. Courses are great, but sometimes you need to SEE how to host a session. Behind the Lens allows you to do just that! When you join you get immediate access to ALL current and past content. It's an endless supply of both behind the scenes sessions and masterclasses. Every month new content is added, giving you a variety to work through. The masterclasses target aspects of business your photography needs. Topics like client experience, running socials and practical file management.

    Join me and other photographer's inside Behind the Lens! You can log in now and see the full gallery. If you ever wished you had a mentor in photography this is the resource for you. I can't wait to see you inside!


    Family of 4 take family portraits in Nashville field with Rebecca Rice Photography.  Click to see more on the blog now! Two young sisters wearing yellow dresses hold hands and smile at the camera as they stand in front of their parents during their family session in Nashville. Mom and Dad hold their two young daughters as they laugh and tickle each other in a field in Nashville wearing coordinating yellow/cream colors. Two young sisters share a big hug as they hold each tightly wearing matching yellow/cream dresses during their family session in Nashville with Rebecca Rice Photography. Nashville family photographer, Rebecca Rice, captures an image of a family of 4 in a Nashville field.  They wear coordinating outfits of a pale yellow, cream, and mom wears floral. Dad holds youngest daughter as he turns back to look at his wife holding her hand and Mom looks at him with their other daughter holding her hand and they walk together.  Two sisters stand in front of their parents which are not seen in the frame, wearing matching gold shimmery dresses and big sister gives a kiss on her little sisters head as the little one looks at the camera. Family sessions should always include an image of Dad with his children and Mom with the children.  This is two images side by side of Dad with his daughters and Mom with her daughters all smiling at the camera.  Click to see more on the blog today from Rebecca Rice Photography! Family of 4 with two young daughters wearing coordinating color outfits of white and cream with mom wearing floral.  Mom holds youngest toddler daughter as big sister and dad all tickle her and she smiles big at the camera.  Click to see more on the blog today! Mom is wearing a cream colored, bohemian floral v-neck dress as she holds her toddler daughter and looks down at her oldest daughter and holds her hand as they look and smile at each other. Dad, wearing a white sweater has his back turned to the camera as he lifts his toddler daughter up in the air as she smiles at the camera with her gold, shimmery dress. Mom holds toddler daughter on her hip as she snuggles in and gives her a kiss on her cheek as her daughter looks at the camera and the oldest holds her mom's hand and stands looking at the camera. Dad, who wears grey pants, and a white sweater lifts his youngest daughter off the ground as his oldest daughter hugs tightly on his leg.  A fun father daughter moment captured by Rebecca Rice for her Behind the Lens community. Little girl, who wears a light gold/cream shimmery dress, bends down in a Nashville field and pulls up a piece of long field grass. Young girl with brown hair twirls joyfully in a Nashville field with her gold/cream dress in front of Rebecca Rice's camera.  Click now to see more on the blog! Family of 4 wear coordinating color outfits of cream, gold, and floral as they enjoy time as family during their family session with Nashville family photographer, Rebecca Rice. Nashville family photographer, Rebecca Rice, captures family of 4 in a Nashville field for her Behind the Lens membership.  Mom and Dad squat low as they share a big family hug and smile and laugh together! Individual pictures of each daughter capture their personalities during their Nashville family session with Nashville family photographer, Rebecca Rice Photography.  Girls wear matching pale yellow/gold shimmery dresses as they both smile at the camera. Mom and Dad share a kiss in the Nashville field in the background as their two toddler daughters stand in the forefront with matching gold dresses covering their eyes. Nashville family photographer, Rebecca Rice, capture Mom and Dad by themselves during their family photography session in a field in Nashville.  Mom and Dad share a moment together in a field in Nashville as husband twirls his wife and they look at each other while doing so. Mom bends down with her cream floral dress and hugs her toddler daughter tightly during their Nashville family session with Rebecca Rice. Mom and young daughter share a big hug together in a field in Nashville as they wear cream colored dresses. Family of 4 with two toddler daughters, are being held by Mom and Dad in a field in Nashville during their family session.  They wear neutral colors that blend in beautifully with the tall grass field as the sun highlights the trees behind them. Little girl wears a cream colored dress with her hair down as she runs away from the camera through a field in Nashville!  Click to see more on the blog of this Nashville family session.

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