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    Ep 101 – 5 Reasons You Should Do a ‘Christmas in July’ Mini Sessions Promotion

    Do you have a Christmas in July promotion? If not, booking Christmas in July Minis will get you ahead for the Christmas season! Today I'm unfolding the 5 reasons you SHOULD do a ‘Christmas in July' Mini Session promo. But before we start the countdown, be sure to grab this FREE class all about mini sessions. As fall mini sessions are around the corner, this will be incredible useful for you. It walks you through the main marketing tips to get you fully booked! Now let's talk about Christmas in July!

    Greater Exposure

    Let me clarify, I am not suggesting you shoot mini sessions in July! I grew up in Texas and I couldn't imagine going out in the brutal heat for 2-3 hours of mini sessions especially as Christmas! I am talking about doing a promotion to book those minis in October. Each year I do Red Truck Minis and some sort of indoor studio Christmas minis. For my Christmas in July promo I book out my Red Truck Minis that I shoot in October. A big reason I love doing this promo is because my business gets put in front of A LOT of eyes. Red Truck Minis are desirable and capture the attention of clients.

    Get Ahead of Demand

    For too long I waited to advertise mini sessions when I started hearing people ask for them. The goal here is to advertise and make Christmas Minis available before your clients request it! You will be the first ones to mention these minis and chances are clients will stick with you because you brought it to them first!


    Good marketing takes time and that means at least 6-8 weeks. Doing this in July gives you a major kickstart to the busiest time of the year! Regardless of whether or not your spots are fully booked, you're relieving the pressure by starting early. Once you've done the promo the ground work has already been laid and when Fall comes you will easily book out the rest. You won't be scrambling to get promo shots or workflows ready. You'll be prepped!

    Influx of Revenue

    July is usually a slower month for mini sessions, so having something in this month carries you over to busy season! We collect 50% retainers (which I highly suggest you do) to lock clients in. This is a nice perk to having some sort of income during summer. For some of you that alone is enough!

    Overall Estimate

    The last reason I love doing a ‘Christmas in July' promotion is you'll have a good expectation for your Fall. For one, you know what to expect from the second half of your booked sessions. But it also gives you a gauge of people's interest. Many clients may see your promotion and decide to book a fall mini with you. They may not be ready to jump to Christmas, however, it gets the ball moving for the next season!

    I hope this encourages you to give it a try! There's a lot of beneficial components that come into play here. Start prepping and get your Christmas in July promo ready!

    What We Covered:

    Greater Exposure (4:42)
    Get Ahead of Demand (5:37)
    Kickstarter (7:19)
    Influx of Revenue (9:08)
    Overall Estimate (10:45)




    Booking Christmas in July Minis! 5 Reasons You Should Do a 'Christmas in July' Mini Sessions Promotion- Listen to the Podcast Now!! -

    Booking Christmas in July Minis! 5 Reasons You Should Do a 'Christmas in July' Mini Sessions Promotion- Listen to the Podcast Now!! -

    Booking Christmas in July Minis! 5 Reasons You Should Do a 'Christmas in July' Mini Sessions Promotion- Listen to the Podcast Now!! -


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