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    Ep 103 – Mini Sessions Q and A

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    Let's talk about Mini Sessions! I'm doing a Mini Sessions Q & A from a thread in my Facebook group. There were tons of great inquiries so I'm taking the time to go through all your mini session questions and answer now!  I'm also hosting a LIVE webinar this coming Thursday (if you're reading this current and up to date) all about MINI SESSIONS! This is a brand new class I've never taught and we'll have a Q&A section at the end for that too! So, if today's podcast hits home you'll definitely want to join. Be sure to register HERE regardless of if you can make it live or not. Thursday, July 13th @ 1:00pm CST. Once you register you'll receive the replay and get all the fresh content. Now, let's jump in!

    What do you do with uncooperative kids?

    This specific question stated, “If your sessions are 20 minutes and one of your children doesn't cooperate what do you do?” Here's the thing, my mini sessions are 10 minutes and most of my students do 15 minutes. So, when a child is crying the whole session or not wanting to participate you just do your best. If you're booking with a family and the parent knows ahead of time the child will struggle, opt for a full session. So what do you do? Keep snapping, try posing different angles to avoid the crying face, book with them in 6 months from now! Most of the time kids are uncooperative because it's new. I did this with a family and the second session was incredible. We got to celebrate the major growth. I'm also a believer in capturing true memories. The reality is kids cry. They don't always cooperate and that's part of life's memories!

    How do you advertise your minis?

    This is a loaded question because there is so much that goes into marketing. Join the free class on Thursday to go deeper! I would say good advertising doesn't just post to your business Facebook page or Instagram. You need all the pieces of the puzzle to present a full picture.

    How do you get comfortable with short time slots?

    Practice, practice, practice! Start at 15 minutes and use a posing workflow. If you're worried about clients feeling like they aren't served well, it's because you need confidence in your delivery. It's important to know you've captured the right shots so you can deliver a full gallery. But how do you get to this place? Practice. Have family and friends over and do 15 minute sessions with them back to back. I use this posing workflow for all my sessions and that's how I've managed to do 10 minutes at a time!

    More Questions?

    Inside the podcast I talk about bad weather options, refund policies, deposits and more! I highly suggest getting a lawyer approved contract like the one in my shop. Mine was written by a lawyer so I can trust it will hold up when it comes down to it. I love mini sessions and could talk about circumstances, planning and the how to all day. Give this episode a listen, grab your pen and paper and write down notes because the questions are rich! And make sure you register for the webinar so you can get in on more. Mini Sessions have a power packed punch ideal for families to get them in and out with photos that last a lifetime!

    What We Covered:

    What do you do with uncooperative kids? (4;03)
    How do you advertise your minis? (8:33)
    How do you get comfortable with short time slots? (9:24)
    More Questions? (11:12)

    Answering Mini Sessions Questions on the Business Journey Podcast with Rebecca Rice TODAY!

    Answering Mini Sessions Questions on the Business Journey Podcast with Rebecca Rice TODAY!

    Answering Mini Sessions Questions on the Business Journey Podcast with Rebecca Rice TODAY!

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