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You would never be able to guess how cold it was by looking at how gorgeous this family is. But let me tell you, when I say it was cold, I meanĀ it was freezing. Even with the cold, the Massey family looked like they just stepped out of a magical fairytale book. They’re dresses were […]


Some people think Gender Reveal Parties are unnecessary and extra, but I LOVE them! There is so much excitement in finding out whether a little man or little miss will be entering the world, and involving friends and family makes it even more fun! I had the honor of capturing Baby Mabery’s gender reveal, and […]


Growing families are some of my favorites to photograph! There is so much joy and excitement in the transition of adding a family member and it definitely deserves to be captured. I recently had the honor of photographing the Dyer Family! They have two adorable little boys and their first little princess on the way! […]


I absolutely love capturing growing families! There is something so special about a family about to welcome another little blessing into the world. Their first “baby” becoming a big brother or sister and suddenly looking like a big kid. The Ellis Family with little Corley was no exception! They were so sweet to work with […]