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    Ep. 14: Indoor Photo Session Horror Story


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    If you haven't joined Behind the Lens with Rebecca Rice yet, you're missing out. I recently shared a lifestyle newborn session on the blog and I was immediately messaged by so many photographers about whether or not I used flash during the session. They couldn't believe I got the light I did naturally. And the truth was, I didn't! I DID use a flash. Awhile ago, during one of my indoor newborn sessions, I learned this lesson the hard way. So now, I never show up to an indoor session without my flash. And today, on the Business Journey Podcast, I'm sharing all about indoor photo session horror story that taught me this lesson and how you can learn from my mistakes.

    My Indoor Photo Session Horror Story

    When I was a new photographer, I took an indoor lifestyle session. It was a lot of fun – but I made a major mistake. I didn't use my flash. I had no continuous light and kept upping my ISO. This was this family's first session with me and they were so sweet. And, looking back, I wish I had! I knew I should have but I just wasn't comfortable with it yet. But I realized as I began to edit the images that I had definitely screwed up. It was SO dark, my camera wasn't focusing. I lost details on their faces. They were seriously the worst photos that I've ever taken in my life. Not only did this session teach me to always bring my flash, but it's inspired me to become a better teacher. Hear the entire story on the podcast… trust me, you want to know what happened!

    Now, I want to be sure other photographers don't make the mistakes I have in my business. That's one of the reasons I LOVE Behind the Lens. You, my students, are literally coming along with me on family sessions outdoors AND indoors. This month's session is actually behind the scenes from that recent lifestyle newborn session. And, our masterclass for the month of April? ALL about flash! I designed this program so that you can learn from me and go into every session with confidence. I know how it feels to realize the session wasn't what you wanted or hoped for. By showing you what things really look like in a family or newborn session, in real life lighting situations, and walking you through my decisions, I'm able to help you learn in a setting that's as close to being by my side as possible.

    Join us today!

    If you haven't joined us yet, sign up today! I promise, this is the BEST decision you'll make today! Not only do you get access to videos that are behind the scenes of my sessions, but you get a masterclass each month about a special topic to help you continue to grow your skills and business. And on top of that, you'll join our Facebook community page which is full of so many supportive and amazing photographers, just like you.

    Oh, and PS! Don't forget, if you're planning minis this year, join my FREE class to learn more about to market, monetize and GROW your business with mini sessions! Trust me, it is possible. And, I truly want you to succeed!

    What We Discussed:

    Learn about the FREE Class I'm offering (1:33)

    Story time! (2:55)

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    + Behind the Lens with Rebecca Rice

    + FREE Minis Class

    Indoor Photo Session Horror Story: Rebecca Rice shares why she always uses her flash for indoor sessions now on the Business Journey Podcast why you should use your flash indoors Indoor Photo Session Horror Story: Rebecca Rice shares why she always uses her flash for indoor sessions now on the Business Journey Podcast





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